DIY Frugal Slip N Slide for Backyard Fun!

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Are your kids at home for Spring Break? Make a Water Willy aka DIY Frugal Slip N Slide

When I saw this idea I knew that I had to give it a try! But I was a little skeptic, so I had to give it a try! The pictures are proof that it’s kid approved!

All you need is:

Duct tape

Paint tarp


Lay out the tarp on a flat surface. Fold it in half. Tape up the sides leaving one small open big enough for the hose to fit it. When you are taping it try to get it as smooth and as tight of a seal as possible.

Take it outside and put it on a flat area. My yard slopes and it didn’t work out to well because it put too much pressure on one side. Put the hose in the opening and fill it up! Don’t over fill it! There needs to be room for the water to move around. When you have enough water remove the hose and tape the opening. That’s it!

My 4-year-old loved it. See pretended she was a mermaid! She’s the one who gave it the name Water Willynot sure why! She jumped, rolled, laid , squoshed, squashed, and everything else to it! Sure it leaked a little but it didn't pop or loose too much water.

For added amazement add glitter, food coloring or other things into the Water Willy. Playing should be fun and educational!

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  1. So did we… kids are in year round school so they had off 2 weeks in March. Different states have different weeks actually even other children in the same city had different weeks than my children. Princess Lacey is in Georgia. ~Princess Karen

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