Halloween is Approaching Quickly, Are Your Little Ones Ready?

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Happy Halloween

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With Halloween a month and a half away, you need to start looking for costumes for the children. Although they have an idea of what they want to dress up as, it all boils down to what you can turn them into. Many of us may have tight budgets, but we don't want to disappoint the little ones. Instead of starting the holiday season damage to your bank accounts early, why not look towards alternatives?

Home Made
Some of the most engaging costumes that I've ever assembled have been from spending less than $10 for materials. It's easy to turn your child into a cute miniature zombie with some old clothes as a bit of fake blood. Perhaps your child could help you get some ideas by looking around your home. Halloween isn't about the designer fashions that some stores try to insinuate. An empty 40 pound dog food bag with holes for legs and arms can make for a unique and fun costume as your child could go to parties as a bag of Purina.

Yard Sales
Although the seasons are changing, there could still be the occasional yard sale during the weekends that could yield some ideas for costuming. You would be surprised with what a little bit of makeup and the right outfit can turn your child into. Whether it is a fairy princess or a minion of the dead, nearly anything can be found if you look hard enough and have some imagination.

If you insist on buying a costume that is tailored for a specific character, then you should take a closer look at eBay. There are a variety of new and used costumes for sale that could save you a great amount of money. If you search for “halloween costume” in eBay, you are presented with 300,000 different listings. If you don't like the idea of buying off of eBay, at least the costumes that are available can give you some ideas of your own in order to tailor that perfect look for your child.

Whole Sale Costumes
If eBay or crafting is not your thing, take a look at online warehouses of costumes. There are many sites scattered about the Internet that specialize in year-round costumes and designs. Sites like WholesaleHalloweenCostumes.com is currently offering 10 percent off of already low prices for that perfect look. While it's never best to wait until the last minute to find a costume for Halloween, sometimes these prices will drop even further the closer you get to the 31st of October.

Thrift Stores
If you have a thrift store near you, there could be a great deal of costuming produced from there. Not only does clothing get donated regularly, but sometimes you can find props and toys that can stir imagination to provide a unique look to a Halloween costume. Some thrift stores have seasonal goods as well as the regular donated goods that could save you additional money. However, these items go pretty fast and if you wait too long, it may be too late.

You don't have to spend a great deal of money to create a costume that your child will find fun. In fact, younger children can become as excited as you about any look you find appealing. Older children may be harder to sway, but your own enjoyment in Halloween can help change their minds about retail costumes that are used only once.

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