How to Freeze Cilantro!

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I love cilantro and I use it often when making dinner. But it goes bad so quick that sometimes I don't get a chance to use the entire bunch. I tried putting it the freezer but that didn't work out so well.

Brainstorm……this is what I came up with!

After dinner the other night I had about 1/2 a bunch left. I put it in my blender with about 2 tablespoons of olive oil, a tablespoon of lime juice, a tablespoon of garlic and about 1/4 cup of water. I didn't measure anything out, just threw it in until it was all mixed up! Then I poured it into a muffin pan and stuck it in the freeze. After they were frozen solid I put them in a freezer bag. Next time I make rice I can just throw one of these cilantro pucks in! Delicious and easy!

Homemade Pesto Sauce Pinterest

Now go make you some Homemade Pesto Sauce!

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  1. Love this idea will have to try!!! I grow frest Cilantro all year. Just wondering about the garlic….. was it granulated, powder, or fresh. Thanks!!

  2. This is a great idea to use OO , garlic and lime. I do this procedure using water only…Your way kicks it up a notch.

  3. Thank you! I actually feel a little sad as I throw away most of a bunch of cilantro when it goes bad. I do a lot of pureeing and freezing vegetables to add to sauces but never thought of this.

  4. I love this idea, and so easy! Trader Joes also sells Basil, Cilantro, and Garlic in fresh frozen cubes. Homemade is always better though! Love the idea to put in the lime juice!

  5. I do the same thing with basil. Basil doesn’t dry well, but freezes wonderfully. Just add a little olive oil and freeze in ice cube trays. Pesto also freezes well.

  6. I guess it would be okay to leave out garlic? Husband is allergic to it and it is used in everything!!!

  7. Put the cilantro you don’t use in a tall glass filled with water and place in fridge. When you need some, just snip some tops off and return glass to fridge. Will keep for a month if you refill water as needed.

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