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Dollar Tree: Coupon Matchups Starting 8/26!

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Dollar Tree: Coupon Match-ups Starting 8/26! Dollar Tree will be accepting coupons 8/26! Please review the Dollar Tree cpn policy before heading over to your local Dollar Tree! Also note that all items/cpns will vary between stores and locations. I have marked items that were founds only at specific stores. Most of these deals were found within stores surrounding the Oklahoma City Metro area.

Dollar Tree also offers “Newman's Own” & Sunbeam bread marked down to $1.00. This is fresh bread, the same as delivered to local supermarkets. Newman's Bread delivers every Tuesday and Thursday. Bread products sometimes include, Sliced Sandwich Bread, Hot Dog Buns, Hamburger Buns, and Sunbeam Texas Toast. (Great for freezing!)


Maybelline Hyrda Time Lipstick $1.00 (Dollar Tree In Mustang)
Use $1.00/1 Maybelline Lip Product, exp. 10/5/12 (RP 08/05/12)
Final Price: As low as FREE

Sally Hansen Nail Color $1.00 (Dollar Tree In Mustang)
Use $.50/1 Sally Hansen Nail Color Product, exp. 9/5/12 (RP 08/05/12 R)
Final Price: $.50

GUM Soft Picks $1.00
Use $0.55/1 G.U.M Oral Care Product, exp. 10/31/12 (SS 08/05/12 R)
Final Price: $.45


Renuzit Adjustable Air Fresheners $1.00
Use $.55/3 Renuzit Adjustable Air Fresheners, exp. 9/2/12 (RP 08/19/12)
Final Price: 3/$.81 ea.


Dollar Tree

Lysol Toilet  Bowl Cleaner $1.00 (Dollar Tree N.W. 23rd Okc)
Use $.50/2 Lysol Products exp. varies
Final Price: 2/$.75 ea.

Air Wick Air Freshener $1.00
Use $.50/2 Air Wick Products exp. varies
Final Price: 2/$.75 ea.

Dollar Tree

Bic Crystal Pens $1.00 (Dollar Tree Mustang)
Use $1.00/2 Bic Stationery Product, exp. 9/30/12 (SS 07/29/12)
Final Price: 2/$.50 ea.

Bic Mark-it Permanent Marker $1.00
Use $1.00/2 Bic Stationery Product, exp. 9/30/12 (SS 07/29/12)
Final Price: 2/$.50 ea.

Bic White Out $1.00
Use $1.00/2 Bic Stationery Product, exp. 9/30/12 (SS 07/29/12)
Final Price 2/$.50 ea.

Rose Art Glue Sticks $1.00
use $1.00/3 RoseArt Product, exp. 10/7/12 (RP 07/29/12)
Final Price: 3/$.66 ea.

Crystal Light Sugar Free Candy $1.00
Use $.75/2 Crystal Light SF Candy ALL You Aug ‘12
Or  Use $.75/2 Crystal Light SF Candy exp. varies
Final Price:  2/$.63 ea.

 Dollar Tree


Kraft Chicken Ceasar Sizzling Salads Dinner Kit $1.00 (Dollar Tree N.W. 23rd Okc)
Use $1.00/2 Kraft Sizzling Salads Dinner Kit, exp. 9/16/12 (SS 08/19/12 R)
Final Price: 2/$.50 ea.

Campbell's Great for Cooking Condensed Soup $1.00
Use $1.00/4 Campbells Great for Cooking Condensed Soups exp. varies
Final Price: 4/$.75 ea.

Welch’s Fruit Snacks. $1.00
Use $.50/1 Welch’s Fruit Snacks exp. varies
Final Price: $.50

Odwalla Bars $1.00 (Dollar Tree Mustang)
Use  $.55/2 Odwalla Bars, exp. 11/30/12 (SS 08/12/12)
Final Price:  2/$.73 ea.

SunnyD $1.00
Use $.55/2 Bottles of SunnyD exp. varies
Final Price:  2/$.73 ea.

Dollar Tree

Hefty Slider Bags Quart 8-Cnt $1.00
Use $1.00/2 Hefty Slider Bags, exp. 10/31/12 (RP 07/29/12 R)
Final Price: $.50 ea.

Hefty Slider Bags Sandwich Bags 13-Cnt $1.00
Use $1.00/2 Hefty Slider Bags, exp. 10/31/12 (RP 07/29/12 R)
Final Price: 2/$.50 ea.

Skittles, Starburst or Life Savers Gummies $1.00 (movie theather boxes)
Use $.50/2 Skittles, Starburst of Life Savers Gummies RP 7/8
Final Price: 2/$.75 ea.

Uncle Bens Rice $1.00 (Dollar Tree N.W. 23rd Okc)
$1.00/3 Uncle Ben’s Products printable
Final Price: 3/ $.70 ea.

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  1. Is this a new thing? When I first started couponing Dollar Tree did not take coupons. I am very excited if they do!

  2. The nature’s own bread at the Dollar Trees in the dfw area isn’t any older than the bread in other stores, my friend talked to the bread delivery guy at the Dollar Tree and he said it was the same bread he had just delivered next door at Albertson’s.

  3. Do you know the items just from shopping there or does a master list exist somewhere? I shop at the Shawnee Dollar Tree and was wondering how to find out which of my coupons are for items they have.

    1. Jen, I have done these match ups by checking out the store’s in the oklahoma city metro area. All stores carry different items and I have marked which ones I saw at specific stores. The items I did not mark are items I found visiting several dollar trees.

  4. I appreciate the coupon matchups but I don’t understand why you consistently give the wrong final price on these, especially when the coupon is for cents off when you buy TWO items. For instance:

    Lysol Toilet Bowl Cleaner $1.00 (Dollar Tree N.W. 23rd Okc)
    Use $.50/2 Lysol Products exp. varies
    Final Price: 2/$.50 ea.

    They are not $0.50 each. If they are both $1 and you must buy two then after the coupon you are spending $1.50- so that’s $0.75 each. It would be helpful to readers to fix these errors. Thank you.

    Again, thank you for taking the time to put this list together, I am super excited to shop at Dollar Tree with coupons- it is like a couponer dream come true.

  5. Lamora and princessmichelle, always also remember that many coupons are regional, differing even by city and newspaper brand. I can get a 1/1 in one local paper ans the same brand will be 1/2 in our other paper. Also, not all coupons are in all papers in all areas. HAPPY COUPINING 🙂

  6. Sometimes Ibuy tye Nature’s Own bread at the Flowers Bakery store where it’s near the expiration date. I buy four loaves for the month and put three in the freezer and it’s fine. If I have coupons and can get it cheaper at the grocery than a dollar a loaf, I stock up then. Otherwise the Flower’s store it is!

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