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Fun Tissue Paper Easter Wreath Craft For Kids!

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As a Mom, I'm always looking for new, fun things for my boys to do that doesn't require a lot of money or chaos!  I have a tendency to stress out with the mess that crafts can cause but this easy Tissue Paper Easter Wreath was a perfect choice for us!  My boys loved it and now they get to see their works of art displayed around our home!

tissue paper easter wreath 1

To get started, you just need a few simple things:
Elmer's Glue
Tissue Paper (as many colors as you'd like)
Paper Plates or Light-Weight Cardboard
Small Plastic Easter Eggs (optional)
Hot Glue

tissue paper easter wreath 2

Cut your tissue paper into 3×3 squares and let your kiddos have fun crumpling it all up!  While they're crumpling, cut wreath shapes out of paper plates or something like cereal boxes.  Once the tissue paper is ready, have them use the Elmer's Glue to stick the tissue all over their paper plates until it's full of fluff and color!  Once the paper is dried, hot glue the plastic eggs around the wreath, add a loop to the top for hanging and you're done!  Now you get to enjoy your children's colorful craftiness!

Click HERE for more kid-friendly Easter activities and how-to videos!  And be sure to click HERE to join the Elmer's Parent Club for project ideas that make crafting quick, easy and stress-free!  Now that's my kind of crafting!

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