How to Make Money Easy with Minimal to No Effort

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It takes work to make money, but you might be looking for ways of getting some cash without putting in more hours at your job. The good news is you can make money easy, with little effort. With the internet at your fingertips, you can get some more cash without investing too much time. Of course, you might have to put in a bit of upfront work, but you can often keep bringing in the funds long after putting in that initial effort.

Make Money

Sell Your Life Insurance Policy

If you have a life insurance policy you no longer need, consider selling it through a life settlement. That way, you can quickly get a lot of cash, which you can then invest. You can review a guide on how to sell a whole life insurance policy so you can draw funds for other endeavors.

Getting Cash Back on Your Credit Cards

Many times, credit cards will offer cash back once you have made purchases in specific categories. That means each time you buy something, the company will add a reward to your rewards balance, which you can then redeem after a specific amount of time. Depending on the category and credit card company, you could get anywhere between one to five percent back on various purchases. There are apps that help you determine the right company, depending on the categories. One such resource that can help you navigate which credit card companies offer the best cash-back rewards is CardRates. This website provides comprehensive reviews of various credit cards and their rewards, making it easy to compare and find the best cash-back option for your needs.

Some credit card companies offer higher percentages back, but they might change the available categories from month to month. Sometimes, you’ll have to reach a certain payment threshold before you can get your cash back. And some cards will give you points instead of cash so you can use those points to get various rewards from that company. You will want to do your research before applying for any of these cards to make sure it will be worthwhile.

Looking for Index Funds

Usually, you will want to avoid the stock market unless you have a deep knowledge of it. If you invest in just a few stocks, you could either gain a lot of money or lose everything. Still, index funds are an exception to that rule. With index funds, you are putting money in many stocks. You do not stand to gain or lose as much as if you invested in traditional stocks. Consider creating a brokerage account with a bank to get started. There are also stock trading apps, which will get you connected with the various stocks that are available.


Creating Video Guides

If you are a subject matter expert like me, you could create a course, book, or blog. However, not everything is easy to convey in those formats, so you could consider making videos on the web instead. For instance, perhaps you are good at using specific phone models, so you could make video guides on them. And if you are good at crafts, you could make a video series on how to get started. You can then run ads on your videos and get revenue from those advertisements.


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