Don’t Throw Away Those Old Towels: 5 Great Re-Purpose Ideas

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old towels

Getting ready to purchase new towels? Don't throw away the old ones! There's several things you can do with them – check out these great re-purpose ideas.

1.) Donate to Women's Shelters

If you have some gently used towels, women's shelters are a great place to donate your old towels. These women usually leave abusive relationships with nothing but the clothes on their backs so a towel so they can bathe or wash their hair is greatly appreciated!

2.) Donate to Animal Shelters or Organizations

Animal no kill organizations and animal shelters are always in need of towels. They use them for cages, to give the animals a bath and more. They don't have to be in the best condition either. Stained or small holes, makes no difference, they just need them.

3.) Keep and Use as Cleaning Rags

This one's easy peasy, just cut them up and use as cleaning rags. Keep them in the garage or under the sink for really messy jobs that you don't want to use your regular cleaning cloths for.  I used them to wipe up paint, stains and any other jog where the rags would need to be tossed after use.

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4.) Make a Blanket

If you have 5 large towels in pretty good condition sew them together (2 towels wide by 3 towels deep) for a blanket. These are great for picnics at the park, lying outside in the backyard, for the beach etc.

5.) Make Homemade Dryer Sheets

This is a very easy and inexpensive way to soften those clothes in the dryer. All you need is old towels, vinegar, water, essentials oils (optional) and a container/jar with a lid

Add 3/4 cup of white vinegar, 1/4 cup of water and 3-4 drops of essential oil (peppermint, lavender, lemon & orange are good choices) in to your container and gently mix the ingredients together.

Take an old towel and cut (16) 6×6″ circles and add them to the container, cover with lid and shake. Even if the mixture doesn't get all the towel pieces wet, they'll eventually soak up all liquid.

Thanks to The Six Dollar Family for this one!

These are our top 5 but you can also use towels as baby bibs, Swiffer pads and lots more. If you've got any great ideas be sure and leave a comment and we may add them to our list. Even though replacing your old towels might not be compulsory since you can give them a deep cleaning and get rid of the annoying odor, you may sometimes need to replace them. If you think replacing your towel with a new one is the best solution for you, we encourage you to go for quick dry towel like Mizu Towels. Moreover you can also use Sonic Soak which is an ultrasonic cleaning machine designed to clean cloths/towels with ultrasound. It's very cool and easier than hand-washing methods and washing machines.

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