OshKosh Kids Fashion For Easter!

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I love Spring and all that comes with it.  One of my favorite things about Spring is Easter.  I love the challenge of finding Easter outfits for my boys each year.  After a dreary winter I am so ready to see my boys in bright, cheery Spring clothing! This year I went to my local OshKosh store to find the perfect Easter outfits for my boys. Honestly, I had a hard time narrowing it down because there were so many great colors to choose from!  I knew I wanted fun shorts that would be great for Easter as well as the rest of the summer and I wanted nice, collared shirts that would be great for Easter Sunday.  First I chose my 7 year old's outfit then found one for my 3 year old that matched his big brother.  I like for all of us to be wearing the same color in some way on Easter.  It may be cheesy but I just love it! Can you guess what this years color is??

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I couldn't help but check out the little girls section while I was there.  They had so many cute dresses and outfits! Next Easter I'll have 3 to shop for and I'm so excited!  How fun will it be to match my baby girl with her 2 big brothers?!?!  If I had a hard time choosing outfits this year, I can only imagine how much harder it will be next year! haha!

If you're on the hunt for the perfect Easter outfit or even just some great Spring outfits for your kiddos head over to your local OshKosh or go to OshKosh.com and check out their great selection!  I guarantee you'll find at least one thing you love!  And before you start shopping be sure to print out THIS coupon to save 25% off your purchase of $30.00 or more!  If you're shopping online use code Spring16!

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If you're planning on doing some traveling during Spring Break be sure to stock up on some great clothes for the kiddos before you start packing.  I know packing isn't fun but it's one that we usually have to deal with a few times a year.  If you've got a great system going it helps A LOT!  But if you still struggle in the packing department I have a few suggestions:

~ My 2 boys share 1 good sized suit case.  This makes it easy because all of their stuff is in one place and it's one less suitcase that I have to try to fit in the car.

~ I like to put whole outfits together, place in gallon size ziploc baggies and write what day they're going to wear it on the outside.  This way they know which outfit is for which day.  And we don't run out of socks too soon or end up with shirts and shorts that don't match!

~ Roll the clothes instead of folding and then stack them in the stuitcase.  This will save lots of room and allow more to be packed in the suitcase!

~ Don't over-pack!  As mom's it is so easy to bring way too much stuff because we don't want to find ourselves needing something we didn't bring but we have to remember that when we bring too much stuff we actually add stress and more work to our already busy day!  Over-packing also doesn't allow extra room to bring home anything new!  And we all know that all kids find “treasures” that they “have to have”.  AmIright?

Hopefully these little tips will help you out next time you pack for your kiddos!

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