Celebrate Your Pup! National Dog Day Aug 26th

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Time to celebrate your pup, it's National Dog Day! It's time to celebrate that cute furry four legged best friend of yours, for all the times they have cuddled with you on sad days, stayed by you when you were sick and loved you unconditionally no matter what.  Check out all these fun pet products we found to help you spoil them on this special day. Today only get  is 50% off selected toys using coupon code DOGDAY50.

feederPetmate Mason Gravity – $19.99 – 34.99

Do you have a water/food dish for your pet that always ends up all over the floor? If so, check out this Petmate Mason Gravity feeder for food or water. As an extra bonus, you do not have to refill food or water as often, because this gravity feeder will refill as your pet eats and drinks.

Here are the sizing options for feeders: 2LB, 5LB, 10LB, and 18LB. Here are the sizing options for waterers: 0.5 Gal, 1 Gal, 2.5 Gal, and 4 Gal.


brushAspen Pet Furbuster Dog Pin/Bristle Brush – $10.99

This highly-rated brush has soft and non-slip rubber grip! It also helps remove excess hair and leaves your dog's coat both silky and smooth!

If you have a dog that sheds, this is a must-buy. From personal experience, brushing your dog daily will decrease the amount of pet hair on your floor and other surfaces at home.

kennelPetmate Translucent Vari Kennels – $39.99 – 59.99

Have a new pet? If so, here is a perfect kennel for in-home containment, housebreaking and training. From personal experience, kennels have always helped potty train my puppies. This Petmate Translucent Vari Kennel is very durable and can assemble in a few minutes with no tools required. Here is the breakdown of prices and sizing: 19”- $39.99 and 24” – $59.99.

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