Flex Magazine: Save 94% Off Cover – $3.99 A Year (today only)!

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OK, here's something for our male readers LOL! Get Flex Magazine for only $3.99 per year (up to 3 years) when you use code: consumerqueen. Get your subscription here.

About Flex:
 Flex examines the various facets of both men's and women's bodybuilding. Flex Magazine is the most popular and authoritative magazine for bodybuilders published today! It's for serious weight lifters who want to find out the best ways to add size and symmetry using champion-level workout routines. Every issue of Flex Magazine contains easy-to-understand advice columns from champion bodybuilders on how to train effectively, articles on scientific nutrition and exercise routines, recuperation strategies to boost muscle gains, competitor profiles, and coverage of contests with plenty of photographs to convey the excitement of competition.

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