Homemade Glass Cleaner

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It’s almost spring time…and that means SPRING CLEANING! I feel like shedding all of the winter scum and welcoming spring into my home with a clean, fresh house. I can’t wait to open the windows and let the fresh air come in.

I’ve made a decision that I want to be more self-reliant, a little greener, just a little bit better me! Lately I’ve seen many different recipes for home-made cleaners. I want to try some of these out, put them to the test and see how the measure up to the “real thing.” And then come back and let you know what actually worked and what just didn’t make the cut. My goal is to find out how to make products that work just as well as store bought, use “greener” ingredients, and to make it cheaper! If you have any recipes or tips to share please email me and let me know! I’ll put it to the test!

First off I decided to try a glass cleaner. I have the blessing and curse of living in a house with an incredible amount of windows. I love the natural light, but hate all the peanut-buttery fingerprints my kids smear on them. So I went in search of a homemade glass cleaner.

 Option one:

This one had great reviews. I was a little hesitant because the ingredients sounded a little strange to me.

-1/4 cup rubbing alcohol

-1/4 cup white vinegar

-1 Tbs cornstarch

-2 cups warm water

I think it was the cornstarch that seemed odd to me. I gave it try. After rubbing and rubbing I did get a streak-free shine. It wasn’t as easy to get clean as the store brought, but it still worked!

Option two:

This one seemed simple to me. Maybe too simple?

-1 cup warm water

-1/4 cup white vinegar

– few drops of dish soap, I used Dawn

Surprisingly, this worked quite well. It didn’t magically clean my windows with one swipe, but it worked pretty well. I didn’t have to keep wiping to get it streak-free. So I went to work testing it out on sticking fingerprints, toothpaste splashed and unknown substances. I am satisfied. It worked just as well as the store brand, and cost only pennies to make!

Come back and let me know if it worked or didn’t work for you! And again, feel free to share any helpful tips so I can help spread it around!



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    1. Been using this for years, but I use old newspaper for wiping off window and mirrors, They shine nicely!!

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