HOT Deals on Gift Cards at CVS – Google, Kohl’s and More!

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CVS has a couple of great deals on gift cards this week. One is buy $50 in select gift cards and earn $15.00 EB and the other is buy $50 in Google gift cards and get $10.00 EB. Both deals are a limit of 1.

Here's what we suggest:


Buy $50 Google gift card (limit 1)
Pay $50.00 + earn $10 EB
*it's like paying $40 for the gift card!

Buy $50 in Kohl's gift cards (limit 1)
Pay $50 + earn $15.00 EB
*Use the gift card for all the online deals today and have $15 to spend at CVS!

American Express prepaid gift cards will have NO purchase fees this week (save $3.95 – $5.95)

There may be other gift cards that you can use online or in-store if you don't shop Kohl's. If you were gonna spend the money anyways you might as well get $15.00 EB to do it 😉

Happy Shopping!

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