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Disclosure: this post was sponsored by DefenderShield. My thoughts and opinions are my own.
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I absolutely love working from home. I have the freedom to work from just about any where. Many of you know that my husband has Ankylosing Spondylitis which means he spends a lot of time in his recliner. I actually have an office but prefer to work on my laptop from the couch so that we can at least be in the same room together. The picture above is a typical day for me. It's cold and rainy outside so I am curled up in my sweats, knee deep in email.You can see I have a stand underneath to help my laptop breath. For some time now I have been experiencing leg and knee pain and I was telling my husband that it always seemed to happen more when I had my laptop sitting on my lap. I didn't think much more of it but still continued to have pain.
My husband and I recently went to a conference and that is where we met DefenderShield. I probably would have walked right passed the booth if my husband would not have hollered at me. After talking to them about their products I literally looked at them and said OMG this is exactly what I need. I then proceeded to tell them about the issues I was having and this was the first time I had heard about laptop radiation.
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Laptop radiation isn't something we need to be afraid of necessarily, but some research has shown that electronic devices can emit electromagnetic radiation.  This may be harmless in small amounts, but something you may want to think about if you (like me) do sit with your device on your lap often.  Of course we all know that these devices can put off a LOT of heat, which is probably a big source of my discomfort.
I actually read some interesting info that the constant heat of laptops and devices can cause fertility problems in men and over long periods of time have actually been thought to change the color of one's skin. (Similar to a burn than turns into a tan.)  Check out articles here and here.
If this is avoidable, I would certainly be interested in seeing what I can do to keep a barrier between my laptop and my body.  You may wonder how the DefenderShield works, like I did!  The DefenderShield causes charged particles coming off of the device to loose energy. The DefenderPad diverts and absorbs the electromagnetic radiation and also reduces the temperature of the device.  You can read about it in detail at their website here.
Less heat for me means I can sit and work for longer periods of time, and also not have to worry so much about my laptop becoming overheated or losing battery life faster because the fan is constantly working to cool it down!  Instead of a pillow or cushion which could cause additional overheating, the DefenderPad (pictured above under my Apple laptop computer, on my lap) is actually a good thing for my laptop.
DefenderShield defendershield-iphone-6s-plus-cover-1-of-1
The tablet and cell phone cases are pretty cool too, I must say.  They have a nice profile, and as you can see a fold over screen protector known as the SlimFlip option.  For my high usage of devices, the screen cover is nice to have.  The screens are protected while in my bag or purse, and again I have the piece of mind that any heat coming off the phone is being absorbed by the case.
It's also a more attractive case than some others! I love the look of it when the phone is closed.  It look's so much less like a “device”.  With so many devices around the house, it's important to me to keep them looking clean and nice.  I have the covers for the iPad mini and iPhone 6, both with the SlimFlip options.  If you have an iPhone 7 or are getting one soon,  both the SlimFlip case and their Wallet Cases are available for the iPhone7.
Although I do have the SlimFlip case, I have to say from looking at the Wallet Case that it's a pretty awesome case too.  If you're a minimalist, this case is perfect.  Just take your credit cards and phone with you all in one.  Again, it has a very nice, professional look to it.  The DefenderSheild Wallet Case is available for the iPhone 6 and 7, and will be available for the iPhone 6 Plus in December.
I hope you found this information and review helpful, especially if you have been thinking about laptop heat and radiation as I have.  I am enjoying my new products from DefenderSheild!
Thanks for reading!

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