Shopping CVS Online – What You Need to Know!

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Shopping CVS Online …

shopping cvs online

Shopping CVS Online – What You Need to Know!

With the increase of online shopping due to CarePass we thought we'd go over some of the differences in using coupons on CVS.com compared to in-store. 

1.) One of the biggest differences is when you threshold shop – for example earn $5 when you spend $20 on select items etc. Your threshold amount must be met AFTER any app coupons have been applied.  Your threshold amount can be met BEFORE any EB are redeemed.

2.) The best deals to score online are the ones without a threshold – you'll get the best deal since there's no limit that has to be met after you use them. 

2.) Not all app coupons can be redeemed online – just click on the details and it should state “redeemable online or in-store” if you can use it. You must clip these to your card BEFORE they print from the kiosk or you'll have to use them in-store.

3.) Items that are on sale in-store aren't always on sale online even if they are part of an EB offer that week. It will always tell you if an item is part of an EB deal even if it isn't on sale. 

4.) You can apply any EB you have sent to your phone to pay for online items. However, the EB you use cannot exceed the amount of your purchase or the order will not go through. 

5.) ExtraBucks Rewards earned on online orders will become available to print or send to your card about 2 days (sometimes sooner) after your purchase ships. These EB tend to have a shorter expiration date so be sure and watch those. 

6.) When ordering online you must reach the threshold completely – not like in the store where you can be a little short. If it states you have to purchase $20 to get your EB, you have to purchase at least $20. 

Read about CarePass by clicking here.  You can checkout our first CarePass deal on Scope by clicking here to see an example on how it works. 

CVS Tip – Remember, if the shelves are empty when you get there ask for a raincheck. They never expire and you'll always get your ExtraBucks no matter how long it takes to get more in.

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Happy Shopping!

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