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Homeland & Country Mart Matchups 12/6 -12/12

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Homeland has given us permission to post the ad in it's entirety, so now we'll be able to include it as part of our weekly matchups – YAY!

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Here's your Metro Homeland and Country Mart matchups – Happy Shopping!

It's another Buy 2 and get 3 more for free sale!

There are no prices listed so I'm using the ones off the Homeland website. You may find slightly different prices in your area.

  • You can use coupons on every item, even the ones that are free
  • You can do more than one deal per transaction. For example you can buy 10 of the same item and get 6 free etc.

Chobani Greek yogurt cups $1.55 B2G3 Free**
Final price: 5/$3.10 (62¢ each!)

Best Choice cut corn, green beans, cut broccoli and mixed  frozen veggies 16-oz. $1.79 B2G3 Free**
Final price: 5/$3.58 (71 ¢ each)

DaVinci pasta 16-oz. $1.79 B2G3 Free**
Final price: 5/$3.58 (71 ¢ each)

Progresso soup classics, Rich & Hearty, Traditional or Light $2.79 B2G3 Free**
Use (2) .50/2 SS 11-12 (exp. 1-6-18) – first will double
Final price: 5/$4.08 (81¢ each) – sells for $1.88 each at Walmart!

Vietti Artisan chili 15-oz. $2.49 B2G3 Free
Final price: 5/$4.98 ($1 each)

Dole salad blends 5-9.5 oz. $2.99 B2G3 Free**
Final price: 5/$5.98 ($1.19 each!)

Borden shredded cheese or natural slices 7-8 oz. $3.39 B2G3 Free
Final price: 5/$6.78 ($1.35 each)

Keebler Fudge Shoppe cookies 8.5 – 13.6 oz. $3.69**
Use $1.00/1 Kelloggs Rewards coupon  (cost 850 pts.)
Final price: 5/$6.38 ($1.27 each)

Baskin Robbins ice cream 14 oz. or ice cream sandwiches 4-pk $3.99 B2G3 Free**
Final price: 5/$7.98 ($1.59 each!)

Tabasco pepper sauce 5-oz. $4.19 B2G3 Free
Final price: 5/$8.38 ($1.67 each) – sells for $4.33 at Walmart!

Cheez-it crackers 8-12.4 oz. $4.49 B2G3 Free
Use $1.00/1 Kelloggs Rewards coupon  (cost 850 pts.)
Final price: 5/$7.98 ($1.59 each)

Werther's caramel popcorn 6-oz. $4.29 B2G3 Free
Final price: 5/$8.58 ($1.71 each)

Pepperidge Farm cakes 19 – 19.6 oz. $4.99**
Final price: 5/$9.98 ($1.99 each!)

A.1 steak sauce 10-oz. $4.99 B2G3 Free
Final price: 5/$9.98 ($1.99 each!) – sells for $3.83 at Walmart!

Hickory Country bacon 16-oz. 6.99 B2G3 Free
Final price: 5/$13.98 ($2.79 each)

Quaker Old Fashioned or Quick Oats big 42-oz. $5.49 B2G3 Free
Final price: 5/$10.98 ($2.19 each!) – sells for $4.93 at Walmart!


Southeastern Mills turkey or brown gravy mixes 50¢
Use .50/2 SS 9-24 (exp. 12-31)
Final price: 2/FREE!

Hidden Valley dry original ranch party dip mix $1.00
*get FREE Best Choice sour cream FREE wyb 2 
Use .50/1 SS 11-12 (exp. 1-14-18)
Final price: FREE

Buy 2 Hidden Valley ranch party dip mix $2.00
Buy Best Choice sour cream 8-oz. – will be free
Use (2) .50/1 SS 11-12 (exp. 1-14-18) – first coupon will double
Final price: 50¢ for all three!

$1.00 and Under Deals:

Buddig wafer meats 2-oz. 3/$2.00 (67¢ each)
Kraft mac & cheese dinners 89¢**
Best Choice cream cheese 8-oz. bricks 99¢
Best Choice whipped topping 8-oz. 99¢


Betty Crocker Hamburger, Chicken or Tuna Helper $1.50 
Use $1.00/4 printable here
Final price: 4/$5.00 ($1.25 each)

Hiland cottage cheese 24-oz. $2.29
Use .50/1 printable here
Final price: $1.29

Lipton original family size tea bags 24-ct. $2.00
Use .75/2 RP 11-12 (exp. 12-10)
Final price: 2/$3.25 ($1.62 each)

Eggland's Best 18-ct. eggs $2.99
Use .50/1 RP 10-29 (exp. 1-29-18)
Final price: $1.99

I Can't Believe It's Not Butter 8-15 oz. $2.50
Use .50/2 RP 11-12 (exp. 12-10)
Final price: 2/$4.00 ($2 each)


  • lemons or limes 25¢ each!**
  • fresh key limes 1-lb bag $1.99
  • fresh California lemons 2-lb. bag $3.49
  • California navel oranges 4-lb. bag $3.59
  • Texas Scarlett grapefruit 5-lb. bag $4.49
  • Halo clementines 3-lb. bag $4.99
    Use .50/1 SS 11-12 (exp. 12-12)
    Final price: $3.99!

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