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Homeland & Country Mart Weekly Matchups 7/5 Thru 7/10

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Homeland has given us permission to post the ad in it's entirety, so now we'll be able to include it as part of our weekly matchups – YAY!

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Here's your Homeland and Country Mart matchups – Happy Shopping!
  • This Week's Ad Starts on THURSDAY July 5th

The ad has lots of BOGO free items this week:

  • You must buy two to get the discount
  • A coupon may be used on each item – even the one you get free
This Week's Best Deals

Yoplait Greek, Fruitside or Mix-ins yogurt 4-5.3 oz. 88¢
Use .25/1 Yoplait Fruitside printable here
Use .25/1 Yoplait Mix-ins printable here
Final price: 38¢!

Southeastern Mills peppered, country or peppered with sausage flavor 79¢ BOGO free
Final price: 2/.79 (40¢ each)

Skinner 12-oz. spaghetti or elbows $1.35 BOGO free
Final price: 2/$1.35 (67¢ each)

Kraft Easy Mac or Velveeta shells & cheese cups 1.9 – 2.44 oz. $1.49 BOGO free
Final price: 2/$1.49 (75¢ each)

General Mills Chex Mix, Bugles, or Gardetto's 7-8.75 oz. $1.25
Use .50/2 SS 6-10 (exp. 8-4)
Final price: 2/$1.50 (75¢ each)

Hiland sour cream or dip 16-oz. $2.75 BOGO free $2.75
Use (2) .40/1 printables here – first one will double
Final price: 2/$1.55 each (77¢ each)

Kraft Trios Snack Fulls 2.25 oz. $1.79 BOGO free
Final price: 2/$1.79 (90¢ each)

Eggland's Best large eggs $1.99/dozen
Use .50/1 RMN 5-6 (exp. 8-6)
Final price: 99¢!

Birds Eye frozen veggies 10-16 oz. $1.99 BOGO free
Final price: 2/$1.99 ($1 each)

KC Masterpiece 17-18 oz. original, smoky bourbon, brown sugar, spicy, or honey $2.19 BOGO free
Final price: 2/$2.19 ($1.09 each)

Select Keebler cookies 10-15 oz. $3.69 BOGO Free
Use $1.00/2 Keebler Chips Deluxe printable here
Final price: 2/$2.69 ($1.35 each!)

Tony's Pizzeria Style pizza 18.56 – 20.6 oz. $3.49 BOGO free
Final price: 2/$3.49 ($1.74 each!)

Buy 2 Bar-S 12-oz. bacon $4.79 BOGO free
Final price: 2/$4.79 ($2.39 each!)

Maxwell House Wake Up Roast coffee 30.65 oz. $8.49 BOGO free
Final price: 2/$8.49 ($4.25 each!)

Smithfield seasoned pork loin filet, tenderloins or boneless pork chops 18.4 – 27.5 oz. $9.99 BOGO free
Final price: 2/$9.99 ($5 each!)

Other Deals:

Fage yogurt cups $1.65 BOGO free
Final price: 2/$1.65 (82¢ each)

Kellogg's Pop-Tarts 8-ct. $2.00
Use $1.00/3 printable here
OR use $1.00/3 printable here
Final price: 4/$5.00 ($1.67 each)

Nabisco Family Size snack crackers and premium crackers 11.5 – 24 oz. $4.49 BOGO free
Use .75/2 SS 6-24 (exp. 8-4)
Final price: 2/$3.74 ($1.87 each)

Lay's Chips 9.5 – 10 oz. $4.29 BOGO free
Final price: 2/$4.29 ($2.15 each)

JC Potter pork sausage 16-oz. $4.59 BOGO free
Final price: 2/$4.59 ($2.30 each)

Select Malt-O-Meal cereals 22 – 30.6 oz. $4.99 BOGO free
Final price: 2/$4.99 ($2.50 each)

Tostitos tortilla chips, Sun Chips, Rold Gold pretzel, Fritos, Cheetos or Fritos can dips 7-13 oz. $2.50

Blue Bunny ice cream 46-48 oz. $6.59 BOGO free
Final price: 2/$6.59 ($3.30 each)


  • Sanderson Farms fresh split fryer breast bonus pack $1.49/lb.
  • Smithfield prime whole or half boneless pork loins $1.99/lb.


  • mangoes 50¢ BOGO free
    Final price: 2/.50 (25¢ each)
  • Missouri green bell peppers 59¢ each
  • Missouri large slicing cucumbers 69¢ each
  • Ready Pac salad blend bowls 4.75 – 7.75 oz. $2.25 BOGO free
    Final price: 2/$2.25 ($1.12 each)
  • Missouri yellow or zucchini squash $1.29/lb.
  • Arkansas slicing tomatoes $1.39/lb.
  • Washington dark cherries $1.99/lb.
  • strawberries 1-lb. $2.59
  • Washington Rainier cherries $4.99/lb.

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