Homeland WILL NOT honor $1.00/1 Borden Coupon!

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Homeland has received a memo from Borden that the $1.00/1 Borden cheese printable coupon that's floating around is not a valid coupon and they will not honor it if Homeland takes it.  Evidently the coupon was put out by Borden and someone copied it to PDF form and then it got posted on websites.  Then after Borden withdrew it from their website people continued to print it.

If you have this coupon please throw it away and help keep couponing a viable option for all of us.  I was told at my Homeland that there will be another coupon policy change due to coupon fraud….don't know what it is but it can't be good.

Just wanted to give you guys the heads up so you wouldn't run into problems if you try to use the coupon.  From now on we won't be posting any PDF coupons unless we can verify that it's legit 🙂

Thanks Princess Amy!

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  1. Borden is dropping the ball here. The LINK to the pdf file – attached to THEIR website, is still fully functionable. We’re not talking about a ‘rogue’ PFD file that needs to be downloaded from a non-Borden website. It is BORDEN’s responsibility to remove the link/pdf file from their friendofelsie website and HONOR the coupon as long as they have not. Seems to me like Homeland would have a legal leg to stand on should Borden continue not to honor those coupons. As long as the link is functioning, the coupon is valid, coupon fraud is NOT being committed, right?

    1. You’re right, BUT the last time I checked the coupon wasn’t there on the website. The one that is advertised on the website right now is for the Borden Sensations and not the coupon that is floating around. When you click on the “get coupon” for the Borden Sensations it says “Sorry, due to demand….we are currently not offering online coupons at this time, please check back later”. Which really means: due to people illegally copying our coupons and printing multiples we’re not going to put them online. There are no working online coupons for Borden cheese and yes unfortunately we are talking about a “rogue” PDF file. Any links to a Borden’s $1.00/1 cheese product is not a legit link.

  2. No actually it is not Borden’s fault, the coupon WAS valid when it was on their site. The coupon is no longer available on their site. Someone ‘SNIPED” this coupon and kept the URL so they could pass it around. “Snipping is saving a pdf file to use for later use even after the coupon is no longer available.” I think we should stop trying to validate why we should be able to use this coupon and respect Borden’s wishes.

    Definition of Coupon Fraud-Using a coupon any other way than the manufacturer intended. If you are using this coupon knowing that it is no longer on the website and Borden has asked us to stop then yes that is coupon fraud AND unethical.

    Hope this helps 🙂

    1. Thanks for the explanation.

      I want to make clear however, in light of your comment here: “I think we should stop trying to validate why we should be able to use this coupon and respect Borden’s wishes.” – that I am in no way trying to justify/validate using this coupon. I thought I had made that rather clear. I am personally no longer using this coupon for the very fact that HL no longer accepts it, and Borden has mentioned (apparently) that it would no longer honor it. I sincerely hope I am just misunderstanding you and you were in no way insinuating that I was trying to justify using the coupon.

      That said, I am no internet expert, so I am little confused about your explanation. I understand that a PDF file can be saved under any name, including a name that looks exactly like the link above. However, in order to access it, the file would have to be downloaded from a website. If I type in the above link in my browser, it pulls up the coupon. It’s not saved to my pc, so I’m not pulling up a PDF file that is ‘independent’ (not attached to a website). The link above however, clearly seems to be attached to a website. Borden’s webmaster should be able to remove that part of their website, so that that link does not work anymore. That does not mean that there are no more ‘rogue’ PDF files making their rounds with this coupon, but in the instance of the link above, isn’t it part of Borden’s website? It’s part of http://www.friendsofelsie.com and unless the domain was hijacked, it is impossible for some to create a PDF as part of a website that is not theirs. Does that make sense?

      In other words, if I came upon a couponing site, or Lord knows what kind of blog, and it had a link to a PDF file, requiring me to download it (a download, not a URL link) I can understand that it is probably a ‘rogue’ file. This link however is not such. It is a URL, a Borden URL….

      Does that make sense, or am I really not getting this?

      Now, IF it is true that a webmaster at Borden can easily fix this – for which I have been making the case – it only seems fair, good business practice, AND ethical on Borden’s part to AT LEAST honor the coupons HL has been giving them up until Borden’s announcement they would not take them anymore, or ‘fairer’… up until the moment the link’s been taken down.

      Really not trying to pick an argument, I just don’t understand how in the instance of the link I posted, we’re talking about a ‘snipped PDF’. If I am right and it IS part of Borden’s website, Borden should honor the coupon and pay out Homeland.

      1. Nope! Wasn’t insinuating that about you at all just got a bunch of emails 🙂

        Working for a manufacturer I get to see what happens on both sides of the story and I have completely changed the way I think about using certain coupons. I don’t think Borden should have to honor the coupon. If there has been way to many people printing more than the allowed then yes they have to put a stop to it. Because they will start owing the stores a ton of money just because people want to save $1.People don’t realize how much brands pay out in coupons. I’ve seen it on paper!

        We have to get mad at people using it excessively and not the stores. Unfortunately a few bad apples spoil it for everyone.

        I’d rather pass on saving a buck if it means a longer ramification of manufacturers and stores re thinking their coupons.

  3. One of the managers at the Homeland at 33rd and Broadway told me that the change is that they’re going to start requiring that any printable coupon will have to have that barcode up in the upper right hand corner , and that’s the one that they will scan.

  4. fyi..I contacted friends of elsie on facebook, and they said you can absolutely still use this coupon…this was several weeks ago, just noticed your post about it!

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