Is Target giving overage now??

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I wanted to throw this out there and see if anyone else has noticed this at their Target.   I usually shop the same Target (Quail Springs – OKC) and always before when I've purchased a $.97 travel item and have given the cashier a $1.00 coupon, the register would automatically adjust the coupon down to $.97 with no beeping.  Today, all my $1.00 coupons went through with no beeping and it took off the full $1.00 amount!!  Has anyone else noticed this change?  It would be great if they've decided to follow Wal-mart's lead and give overage!

Let us know about your Target!

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  1. I went to Target this AM, my coupons were $1.00 and .75 mostly so they all came off that way. I had about $30.00 in coupons. Yeah for that, but I did notice, and I forget what store that if Ihad a coupon for a free item, the register took off the amount without the cashier looking back for it, which was nice, but did not give the full value of the coupon, only the price of the item at the time.

  2. Yes, Target gives overage now. I shop at Target at Rockwell and NW Expressway. All overages are applied toward my total OOP. Very sweet! This is in contrast to what their online coupon policy states: “Coupon amount may be reduced if it exceeds the value of the item after other discounts or coupons are applied.”

  3. I have had it both ways at Target. There is one cashier that I avoid like the plague because she still changes them but most do not and I get the overage.

  4. They must be. I just walked in from shopping at the Target on NW Expressway and Rockwell. Everything that I bought today came with an overage. I wasn’t expecting them to allow it so by my calculations, I should have paid $1.08 + tax. Instead, I paid $.12!! My receipt shows all of the overages being allowed (I bought several travel items as well). Hope it’s not just a Tuesday glitch and this policy stays! 🙂

  5. Target in S. OKC is horrible! The employees are untrained and have no clue as to what the coupon policy states, the Target coupons printed from their website will not scan at this store and I have even walked out of the store empty handed because the cashier and the manager would not let me purchase 3 of the same item in 1 transaction (the coupon was printed from their site and was $1.50 off 3). I was told I could only purchase 2 like items (not coupons, but 2 of the same items!) in 1 transaction and it would take too long to make more than 1 transaction… I have never used coupons in this store without a major issue. Maybe I should try another location…or just go back to WalMart

    1. Well Dina, I thought I had heard it all but your Target beats them all! I have never heard of a store telling a customer they can only buy 2 of the same item at their store if they want to use a coupon! It sounds like the manager of that store needs a coupon class and a talking to by Corporate! I’d try another Target or switch to Walmart where you’ll get overage!

  6. I’ve noticed the Target in Edmond has been giving overage for at least a month now. Maybe they changed their policy and haven’t updated their online policy. I love it!!!!!

  7. Okay I was at sw 44th target store had trouble just like Dina did would only let me use 2 of the same coupon I was trying to use 8 and had 8 items ithey treat me like I was trash and it was sad target teammembers aren’t. That way I have family works for targe t and people don’t get treat this say spoke too a lady name Mary. Samething happen to her last nite don’t let one store or person stop u from going to target they have good stores and people still

    1. Hey Tonya, were the coupons you were trying to use Target store coupons or manufacturer’s coupons?

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