Home Remedies for Mosquitoes

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Summer is almost here and I have already started seeing those pesky mosquitoes flying around.There is nothing worse than sending your kids out to play and having them run back in with little red bumps all over them and scratching like crazy.Well we have a few unusal things for you to try that might help keep those pesky critters away and you might just be surprised that they are things you already have in your medicine cabinet or laundry room.

Listerine- Did you know you can put good old Listerine in a spray bottle and use it to spray around picnic tables and play ground equipment to keep mosquitoes away. The solution may only last a couple of hours so you will need to re apply as needed. I tried this on our church picnic tables for a get together and it worked.

Lemon, Purification or Eucalyptus Oil-Just add 5 drops to one cup of water in your plastic spray bottle and spritz yourself 3 or 4 times.

Bounce Dryer Sheets– I learned this trick from The Royal Grandma.She took the kids to Roman Nose State Park and I said grandma why are all your grandkids running around like crazy with dryer sheets pinned to the back of their shirts? I thought maybe it was one of her new crazy games she invented . She said it keeps the mosquitoes away.I said NO WAY! She said Yes, you just pin one to the back of their shirt and it's something about the scent they don't like. There you have it folks a new way to use your dryer sheets courtesy of The Royal Grandma.

Your Garden– Did you know you can plant items in your garden such as Rosemary, Marigold and Catnip in your garden? The plants actually give off odors that mosquitoes hate.

You will also want to make sure there is no stagnant water lying around because it can become a breeding ground for mosquitoes.

Stop the Itch:

I have been told that you can apply witch hazel or clear nail polish to help stop the itch but these are two I have not tried.

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  1. I wouldn’t recommend clear nail polish as the chemicals will do more harm than good. 🙂
    Good ol’ all-natural aloe vera lotions works great.

  2. on the home remedies. You can also take a garlic vitamin before going out. the bugs don’t like the smell. of course not many people do either.

  3. I wish I knew all about these wondeful tips when we went to Greece last year. The mosquitoes are God awful there! Will definitely remember all these for our next trip, and of course for the summer here in Michigan!

  4. Did you know that after the kids come back in, you can use the dryer sheets for dusting your furniture, this also works with the ones that come out of the dryer. They work great; I have been using these methods for the past 6 years.

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