Kraft Halloween Mac & Cheese only $.12 at Target!

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While I was at Target today I noticed an associate stocking an end cap with Kraft Mac & Cheese. Then I noticed the price….$.12!!! The reason the shelf looks half empty is because she was is the middle of stocking it when I took the picture. She also told me they had a whole pallet still in the back! Look for the Halloween Mac & Cheese boxes with a Jack ‘O Lantern on the front. The boxes at my store don't expire until 6-2012!

I'm not a boxed mac & cheese eater but I bought 5 for my grand-kids when they come to visit.
I paid $.60 – minus $.03 for using my REDcard = 5 boxes for $.57 + $.05 tax!

What made it even better for me was when I checked out I got a Target catalina for a FREE any size fountain beverage at the Target Cafe! So after the catalina, Target paid me to buy the mac & cheese LOL!!

I shopped at the Quail Springs Target in OKC.

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  1. I know this seems like an odd request but I was wondering if you by ANY chance had a box of the Halloween shapes that you’d be willing to part with?? I would cover the cost of the box and shipping. I have been desperately searching for these as part of an xmas gift (long story) and haven’t been able to find them anywhere. : ( Thanks!!

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