Tips for a Gluten Free Thanskgiving

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Be sure and check that your turkey is Gluten- Free.  Turkey is naturally a gluten free food; however, many manufacturer's inject poultry with broth or other seasonings that could contain gluten.  Here is a small list of some Gluten Free Turkey's:

  1. Empire kosher
  2. Honeysuckle White
  3. Jennie-O
  4. Perdue
  5. Shelton's Gluten Free Turkey Products

Find Gluten Free stuffing Recipes  I just did a quick search for gluten free stuffing recipes and there were a ton of them.

Gravy  I found this extremely easy recipe for gluten free gravy

Bread and rolls  I searched a few different bread and roll recipes and the one that had the best reviews was this Gluten Free Rolls recipe

Desserts  As for gluten free desserts there are tons of recipes out there when I searched.




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  1. Thank you so much for including gluten free items and tips! Being diagnosed with Celiac disease last year, this is only my second holiday season gluten free!

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