Be a Super Hero with Popsicle Brand and Save at Target

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Melissa and Daniel

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This is my husband, aka “The Popsicle Man”. My kids and I call him this because he can go through a box faster than my kids. He could eat a whole box in one day if I'd let him. He's worse than my kids about sneaking them out of the freezer. Especially in the heat of the Summer. I'll go to the freezer to get one and find , you know the empty box still there.  I am sure the neighbors hear me yelling from the garage “OK who ate the last popsicle and didn't tell me” lol. I usually know who the culprit is when I find all the wrappers on my husbands night stand. I can't get mad though, because you see he lives with a chronic disease and Popsicles just make him happy. On days when he is not feeling well, the kids and I will go get one out of the freezer and you can see an instant smile on his face when we walk into the room with one in hand. It's the one thing that cheers him up. To me I get to feel like a superhero with super popsicle powers to make him feel all better.

Popsicle Brand

My kids love that their dad is in love with popsicles because it just ensures that mom will always keep the freezer fully stocked for the Summer. Sometimes the kids and I will just sit on the back patio and watch the dogs play while enjoying our popsicle. Last month my son came home from school and was like MOM I totally forgot I need popsicle sticks for a project due tomorrow. I didn't have time to run to the craft store and then I remembered we had a box of popsicles. I said kids……… this is the one time I am going to be flexible on how many you eat in one sitting, we need those sticks STAT! So Popsicle, you saved the day once again for this mom which allowed me to save the day for my son.

Popsicle Super Hero's

If your child is a super hero fan than don't throw those popsicle sticks away. You can create cute fun super hero stick figures for your child to play or let them have the fun of creating their own. My kids chose Spiderman, Superman & Ironman. All you need is popsicle sticks and markers!

Right now Target has a special going on buy 2 for $6.50. The special runs 6/1/15 – 7/4/15. This is a great time to stock up and give you the chance to be your own “Super Hero” for the Summer.


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