Uptown Grocery Opens in Oklahoma City!

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I stopped by the new Uptown Grocery on N. May and Britton today to look around. I must say it's a beautiful store!


One thing that caught my eye right off is that it has a buffet type set up where you can eat right there in the store – Melissa and I like to do that, as it gives us more shopping time 😉


I'm a BIG salad eater and their salad bar looked delish!


They also have a pizza and panini area where you can get it fresh baked. It smelled pretty good to me but I resisted lol!


If you're so inclined they have a sushi bar where you can sit and try out their wares. They also have it packaged up for take-out. They also have a smoothie and coffee bar (my pic didn't turn out so well on that one) where they'll make you up some tasty drinks.

They have a pretty big bakery area and very large selection of cheeses, deli meats and more! Their selection of organic fruits and veggies is really nice and I bought a few things while I was there.


The store is very large and spacious. The prices are pretty reasonable, especially for the organic stuff.  If you get the chance, stop by and take a tour 🙂

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