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Valentine’s Clearance at Walgreens

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Clearance Valentine's Clearance

If you haven't made a Walgreens run this week, you might want to go sooner rather than later and take a stroll down the Valentine's Day clearance aisle. It's all on sale 50% off so you can grab some cheap candy or toys and decorations for next year. This is only the third day of the clearance, so your Walgreens probably has some stuff left, but the good stuff goes pretty quick. It will go to 75% but there's not much left when it's that cheap. My Walgreens actually still has some Christmas stuff (which was 90% off I believe). I usually get most of my holiday decorations and trinkets after holidays and save them for the next year. I still have paper cupcake liners with hearts on them from last year LOL! After Easter I got some little stuffed animals for a couple bucks each and they weren't even “Easter-y”, so I put them in my misc. gifts box and gave them away as supplemental baby shower or kids' birthday gifts. I saw tons of teddy bears which would be nice little gifts. Chocolate is always just as tasty after the holiday even if they're shaped like hearts. 🙂

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