NEW Walmart Coupon Policy!!

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Walmart has a new coupon policy and here's the scoop!

From The Queen:

I am a part of the Walmart Moms program and I have been working with Wal-mart over the past few years, along with my fellow Wal-mart Moms, to help them develop this new policy.  As part of a new case study, I have been holding coupon classes at my local Walmart. This a huge step and I am very excited about it.  I will continue to work with Wal-mart on their coupon policy and I would like to thank all of you for your feedback which I have passed along to Corporate.

Here's what Wal-mart WILL accept:

  • Manufacturer's coupons
  • Printed at Home coupons (internet or IP coupons)– WILL NOT accept printed at home coupons for items that require no purchase (“free” item coupons). Buy 1, get 1 free coupons require a purchase so these are valid.  Coupons MUST be legible, have “manufacturer's coupon” written on it, have a valid remit address for the manufacturer, valid expiration date and a bar code that is scannable.
  • Competitor's coupons that feature a SPECIFIC ITEM FOR A SPECIFIC PRICE. For example, a coupon that says: Kelloggs Cornflakes $2.99.  This is like price matching from a competitor's ad.  They WILL NOT accept any other store coupons that say, for example: $.50/1 Tide or 50% off Tide.
  • Competitor's “Check Out Coupons” or  catalinas (YAY!). They MUST be legible, have “manufacturer's coupon” written on them with specific requirements, a valid remit address for the manufacturer on them, a valid expiration date and a scannable bar code.
  • Soft drink container caps

Wal-mart WILL NOT accept:

  • Print at home internet coupons that require no purchase.
  • Other competitors store coupons for dollar or cents off a product, percent off a product, buy 1 get 1 free, or double-triple off. To make this clear NO Store coupons from other places will be accepted unless they are for a specific item at a specific price. For example: you have a coupon for Tide liquid detergent and the coupon states it is to be sold for $5.99. Wal-mart will then take the coupon and sell you the Tide for $5.99.

Wal-mart Guidelines and Limitations:

  • Limit 1 coupon per item
  • Coupons must have an expiration date and be used prior to expiration
  • Coupons MAY EXCEED THE PRICE OF THE ITEM. Change may be given or applied towards the cost of the basket purchase.
  • We only accept coupons for the merchandise we sell.
  • Coupons must be presented at the time of purchase.
  • We accept the following with Customer Service Supervisor or Management approval:

40 or more coupons
Any coupon over $20.00
$50.00 or more in coupons in a single transaction

Hopefully this will clear up Wal-mart's coupon policy for everyone.  I'm so excited about the accepting of other store's catalina coupons and the overage policy!  Wal-mart is being very generous in a time when a lot of stores are changing their coupon policies to allow less and less  deals to be had.  We ask that you respect their coupon policy and play by the rules so they won't take anything away:)

To view the new coupon policy click HERE.

Disclosure: I am a Walmart Mom and I was compensated for this post.

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  1. This is a great news especvially for the overage!! That is a big plus!! Couple of questions.

    One how to you become a Walmart mom?

    Have they given reasoning as to why they only take 40 coupons at a time? Can we divide the purchases up into more then 1 transactions if we have more then 40 coupons?

    Thanks for this info I am truly excited!!

    1. I think the limit is to try and stop any coupon fraud that may be occurring by having the manager come over and make sure someone isn’t trying to clean the store out with fake coupons.

  2. I didnt read very good, I am sorry. I see where Walmart will take more then 40 coupons, they didnt before, with approval! Now I am truly excited!!!


  3. So they will accept catalina coupons for example thermacare 2.50/1 or can we use RR from wags/ 4.00 off your next shopping order? Or all of the above?

    1. As long as the catalina fits within the guidelines they’ll take it : Must have valid expiration date, must have valid redemption info on it from the manufacturer, must have “manufacturer’s coupon” written on it and a scannable bar code. Must have specific requirements printed on it like $2.00/1 Tide. I think $2.00 off your next shopping trip is specific enough but don’t quote me…..I’ll have Melissa ask Corporate.

  4. Pretty exciting news. Makes me want to look for more and more coupons to save for my Disney Vacations! Thank you.

  5. I just got a mission chips coupon for a free bag today.. So this sort of coupon will be invalid now? Do you think that fb sites and dot coms like mission will change how they give their free coupons out? I love that we will get money back on our overage or towards the purchase price! I also like the catalinas deal too! Thank you for working on this policy with them!!!

    1. Unfortunately due to coupon fraud many stores besides Walmart are going to the no “free” printable rule. Yep, you’ll have to use your freebie elsewhere. As more and more stores adopt this policy I think it will force facebook and others to start mailing out all the freebie coupons.

  6. I would like if they mailed my freebie coupons to me because then there i sno questions asked! I have been seriously couponing for only 6 months and can afford to stay at home now!Was kind of hoping walmart was going to say that they would have their own coupons and we could stack!lol but i love the new policy! Thanx again!

  7. my job at publix does this too. like for couple of months now. we accept one PUBLIX store coupon and 1 manufacturer per item. bogo competitor coupon. we even sadly accept albertsons store meat coupon buy 1 get 2 free. the rest its the same

    1. Not unless they are catalinas…..Walmart doesn’t take any other store’s coupons, only the catalina coupons that spit out from the machine at the register. They only accept manufacturer’s coupons ….no competitors coupons at all.

  8. Wow! I think the overage thing is great, however, I think the consumer was able to save more money when Walmart accepted store coupons. I hate having to make a separate trip to all of those different stores just to be able to stack a store coupon with a MC. I would much rather be able to do all of my shopping in one place. I find I am doing less and less of my shopping at Walmart because of this. Well, that and they have stopped carrying so many of the things I used to buy there. 🙁

    1. They never were supposed to accept other store coupons…that was a misconception with stores and customers alike. When it was going around that Walmart accepted other stores coupons Melissa called and talked to Corporate and they said no that Walmart did not take other stores coupons. Unfortunately, their old policy did not make itself very clear. When it stated that they accepted store coupons everyone just assumed because Walmart didn’t put out store coupons that it must mean other store’s coupons. Walmart doesn’t get reimbursed unless it’s a manufacturer’s coupon. Manufacturer’s don’t reimburse for coupons that are put out only by the store because they aren’t their coupons and it’s not in their budget to fund the store’s marketing. Store coupons are part of a stores marketing and advertisement that is claimed on their taxes….I’m not a tax person but I’m guessing if Walmart could claim other store’s coupons as part of their advertising they’d accept them. Hopefully this new policy is clear enough that everyone , Walmart employees and customers alike can be on the same page and shopping at Walmart will be so much easier!

  9. Melody H: WM doesn’t like printed freebie coupons since fraud on those is so rampant. Pretty much the only freebie coupons they accept are the ones from manufacturers that are printed on holographic paper.

    Also, since it’s on the WM corporate web site and it says the policy was updated March 2, 2011, then it’s already in effect. Be prepared that many WM employees won’t be used to the new policy for awhile. (since a good number of them don’t always remember parts of the current coupon policy)

    Queen_Mum: WM hasn’t used a hyphen in their company name for more than a year. Since you’re compensated by them, it looks strange that you’d actually have the company name spelled wrong so many times. You should update those references.

    1. Hey Woody, I’m not a Walmart Mom (I wish I was lol!) it’s Melissa so I don’t get paid:(. I really do know how it’s spelled….the reason I use the hyphen is because we have it set up so that whenever we type in the word Walmart it automatically becomes a link to the Walmart website. There are many times I don’t want this to happen because what I’m posting about is not on the website and I don’t want people to think if they click the link they’ll be connected to the product or coupon I’m talking about. If you check out my posts you’ll see I use both Walmart and Wal-mart depending on the post. Just close your eyes and pretend I spelled it right LOL!

  10. Thanks so much for the the news! I do have one question … .what about manufacturer coupons for FREE items (not at home printed ones)? My local Super Wal-mart will NEVER accept a coupon with the word FREE on it, even if it’s straight from the manufacturer (in my case usually mailed to me from PR companies).

  11. QUEEN MUM. my job PUBLIX does accept competitor coupons. like $5 off of $50 dollars purchase.. any competitor coupon. WE KNOW WE DO NOT GET REIMBURSE BUT ITS just to bring in customers. i know walmart do not get reimburse but if publix do i think walmart should cause they make so much money and they will make up the lost. I THINK ITS A GOOD CHANGE ANYWAYS.

  12. I went to Walmart today I had a coupon for each item that I had purchased and 5 filler items. I tried to use my register reward items from Walgreens. I had one for $1.00, $4.00, $3.00, $3.00. The Cashier stated she needed to check with management because she was unaware of the new policy for Catalinas. I did not have the printed policy with me. The Manager stated they could not accept the Catalina coupons. She stated I would have had to buy items for the exact cost of the coupons. One item for $1.00, one item for $4.00 and two items for $3.oo. This did not make any sense to me I just saved my coupons. The stated manufacture coupon on the top and the dollar amount $4.00 of your next purchase. Can you clarify this for me from Corporate and email me back. Thanks Lisa

    1. Lisa, was it a Walmart in OK? That doesn’t make sense to me either! As long as the catalina met the requirements stated in the coupon policy they should have taken it. I’ll have Melissa check with Corporate about the $$ off your next order catalinas….I know the ones that are $$ off a product are for sure taken at Walmart. It’s going to take time for every store to get with the program and get caught up with the new policy. If you have a phone with internet capability I’d pull the coupon policy up from their own website and show it to them.

    1. A catalina is a coupon that you receive at certain stores when you check out at the register. You get these at Target, Walgreens (register rewards) and some grocery stores (we get these at Homeland grocery here in OK). Catalinas print out from a little machine by the register and are usually triggered by something you purchase. Catalinas can be a coupon for $$ off a certain product or they can be $$ off your next shopping trip at that store.

  13. Just an FYI….I was at WalMart this morning and they refused to even listen to my explanation about the Catalinas. Said WM has never accepted other stores coupons and still don’t. I had printed the policy and took it with me to no avail. Guess I’ll stick to Harris Teeter; WM is just more convenient sometimes…..

    1. What is it with these managers! Do they not read their own coupon policy……I know it’s frustrating but give it a little while to let the dust settle and everyone at Walmart a chance to get used to the new policy.

  14. I went to redeem my RR’s from Walgreen’s at WalMart today. I had 3 of them. All 3 were off a future purchase (manufacturer coupons). The manager said we just received a memo on Walgreens’s RR’s and were not taking them. Would you please post what you find out. Thanks so much. Karen

    1. That is our HIGH priority to ask Walmart Corporate about. Hopefully we’ll get an answer this coming week!

  15. Here is a suggestion for everyone:

    Since Walmart has updated the coupon policy, I encourage everyone to Email, Fax and even call Walmart CEO on complimenting the change on policy. Also, please share your horrible experience with Michael Duke. Ask him for his advice on making your future shopping experience smooth as possible avoiding past experience of you and others. Lastly, share this thread, other thread and blogs.

    CEO of Walmart

    Corporate contact info:
    702 Southwest 8th Street
    Bentonville, AR 72716
    United States – Map
    +1-479-2734000 (Phone)
    +1-479-2734053 (Fax)

  16. Elk Grove Village, IL is refusing to follow this new policy. I asked and provided a copy and they said that they weren’t aware of a change in policy and couldn’t find it on the Walmart site. They refused to allow me to show them where it was on the site and did nothing to accommodate me after I waited patiently for 45 mintues. I’ve placed a call in to corporate, but be prepared for poor treatment at that store.

    1. UGGGHHH…..don’t you just want to grab and shake them and say GET WITH THE PROGRAM! Next time if you have time you can access the new policy from our website…just put “new Walmart coupon policy” in the search box or find it on your phone before you go in. I’d go straight to the customer service desk and ask nicely but firmly for a manager and have him/her look at the website and then ask them if they are going to honor the policy.

  17. Terrible experience for me at WALMART today. I went to try the new coupon policy out and was told they knew nothing about it. I offered to print it out and bring it to them. The reply was that that would be helpful. Drove home (20 min.)& back with policy in hand I went to customer service, she stated someone would come talk to me about it. I WAITED ON FOOT FOR AN HOUR before the Asst. Manager came and said she hadn’t had a response from corporate about the policy change and she thinks it’s an internet hoax.THAT WAS IT! Needless to say I went home and e-mailed corporate about the situation I hope to hear back soon. 🙁

  18. I had an experience almost identical to Liz in Virginia Beach ,VA The Asst. Manager actually told me she thinks the printed policy I brought in is an internet hoax…UGH!

  19. As of 3/16/11 Walmart, once again, revised their coupon policy. It now also states “Item purchased must be identical to the coupon”.

    1. Thanks for letting us know! That’s the way it should have been all along….the manufacturer’s want the coupons used they way they intended but a lot of people think it’s ok to use say, a $1.00/2 Kraft 2% cheese coupon on Kraft Regular cheese. Manufacturer’s consider that to be coupon fraud whether the coupon scans or not at the register. I guess Walmart has had some problems with people using coupons on the wrong items. If you see anymore changes let us know!

  20. Hi, I would like to know if i can print out an ad for another store and be able to do the price match ….?.thanks.

  21. I have a Publix coupon that has several products listed and then says $5 off any 2 of the listed products.

    Will Walmart not take this?

  22. I was in Walmart today in Carthage, MS. I was buying the Shick deposible razors 1.97 each pack and I had a 6.00 internet manufactured coupon that I printed from Common Sence with Money. The manager told me the coupon was not good and they would not accept it… would not tell me why it wasn’t good. She just said they had a stack of them and they were not good. They were counterfeit. How am I suppose to know a counterfeit internet coupon from a legit coupon without knowing what to look for? She could not tell me how she knew it was counterfeit. Has anyone had this same problem with Walmart?

    1. Yes, some Walmarts can be very uninformed on coupons…..if you print it from a reputable coupon site like or any site we post you can be sure they are not counterfeit. In fact the razor coupons (and all coupons) have a website you can go to, enter the serial number on the coupon and it will tell you what the coupon is and if it’s fake or not. You can go to and check any coupon that has veri-fi printed on it (usually on left lower side). There is also a statement on the coupon in fine print that tells retailers they can go to and check to make sure the coupon is authentic. Unfortunately a lot of Walmart stores have cashiers AND managers who are very uneducated on their coupon policy and coupons in general.

  23. I went to Walmart today picked up some women’s razors with a dollar off now coupon on the package. Handed them to the cashier they didn’t work so she asked a manager she said just scan them and finish transaction it would show up at the end so she did and when they didn’t work she said just hand them back to the customer and walked off. Then I was told by the cashier try them next time I probably wouldnt have bought those except they were cheaper with the coupon. I think I will retun them on my next trip just because I can.

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