The *NEW* AMC Movie Club!

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The old AMC MovieWatchers Club is coming to an end but an exciting new one will be taking it's place!  The AMC Stubs Club will be offering some great new and better ways to earn movie rewards.

  • You will be rewarded for everything you spend on tickets AND concessions
  • Rewards won't be chosen for you.  You can redeem your rewards however you want.
  • You'll have no limits on what you can earn at one time.

Here's how the benefits are better:

  • Rewards are based on what you spend and not on points
  • Concessions will count towards your rewards, not just ticket purchases
  • No maximums or minimums. Everything you spend counts toward your next reward. Any time, any day.
  • Get a $10.00 AMC Stubs Reward for every $100.00 you spend with AMC Theatres
  • Popcorn & fountain drinks can be upgraded to the next size for FREE every time you come in.
  • $10.00 can be redeemed however you want. Buy tickets, concessions or gift cards.
  • Redemption period is 90 days instead of 30 days
  • No online ticket fees on AND

Cost is $12.00 per year, that's just $1.00 a month.  When it's time for you to renew you'll have the option to use your rewards towards your renewal fee.

The new program isn't live yet but if you're a MovieWatcher member you'll be notified when it starts.

No new MovieWatcher members are being accepted but when the new program starts you'll be able to sign up for the AMC Stubs Club. We'll keep you posted!

Click HERE for all the FAQ!

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  1. I already hate this new program for many reasons. 1. It is geared towards families but not singles or couples which is how I go to the movies . 4 points is enough for me. 2. tickets carry the same weight whether I paid 5 750 or 10 for them, not so with this new plan 3. who cares about a free upgrade I would rather be rewarded a free small one and pay a dollar for an upgrade than pay 5 and get a free upgrade, easy math plus if I get a free popcorn I will get a coke and vice versa 4. It only takes me two and a half visits with two people to get a prize the new system probably at least 5; 7 if I do not buy any concessions since I usually go on weeknights so only $15 towards the 100 each visit 5. Harkins the other competitor is 50 cents cheaper a ticket plus you buy a large once and can refill it for $1 for the rest of the year I choose AMC bc of the free option and now they are charging for their program, stupid

  2. When is this program actually starting. i just haven’t been to an amc in awhile, but was thinking of going so i pulled out my movie watchers cards to see how many points i have. So are the acumulated points just going to go to waste or are they going to be transfered over somehow. An they are charging for this card now, what bull.

  3. Went to see a movie night and it was 6.39 or something close I was asked if I was a stub member said no, did not know what that was . and was not offered to join . Friend that met us there were asked if they were members said no also. but then were asked if they wanted to and paid 5 dollars to see the show

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