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Target Circle- What You Need to Know!

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If you're ready to shop all the hot Target deals but aren't sure you know how to navigate Target Circle or how to really maximize its benefits, here's what you need to know!

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Target Circle- What You Need to Know!

Target Circle is the main money-saving and rewards app for Target. See below how to use Target Circle to see great savings- especially on toys and gifts around the holidays!

Are you an infrequent Target shopper? Here are some Basics!

If you don't have a Target location nearby or primarily shop at Target around the holidays or for specific items, here are a few ways to save money at Target!

The first thing you need to do is download the Target Circle app on your device and create an account with the email you use to order with. This will tie everything together. If you don't have a working email associated with your account, it won't work right!

When you first download the app, you will be asked if you want notifications. Moneysaving tip- ALLOW NOTIFICATIONS! Normally I hate notifications on apps. However, I like to have Target notifications on. Why?Well, if I am planning on putting a Target order in at some point in the week, I can get notifications of the better sales.

For example, BOGO FREE Halloween Costumes, BOGO 50% Off Toys, etc. You will want to wait on these sales to maximize your savings at Target!

Next, log into your Target account via the mobile site or on the computer. On mobile, they have several categories to pick from:

  • Shop by Category
  • Weekly Ad & Catelog
  • Target Circle Offers

Go straight to Target Circle Offers! This will pull all of them up on one screen. Beside each offer is a + sign. You can choose any or all and the + sign will turn into a green checkmark – or it may say saved. 🙂

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So now the offers are added into your account. When you check out, your savings should appear in cart with a line below the item that says “Target Circle Offer” and reflect your savings. If this does NOT show up, check and make sure you applied the offer. If for some reason the deal isn't applying to the item you want- check the Details tab. Sometimes there are excluded items.

One important thing to remember is the Target Circle offers do not apply automatically just because you're logged in! So be sure to apply your offers first.

Stacking Sales!

So here's where we can save a nice amount of money on toys, clearance and more. If you add your Target Circle offer when you log in, and you find a Target Coupon Code, sometimes they will actually stack!

This is not always the case– so keep that in mind. However, a lot of Target coupon codes will say “$10 off your $50 purchase”, or some other total amount. These can actually stack with Target Circle Offers.

Exclusive Target App Coupons

Do Target Circle Offers Stack with Coupons?

This is a great question. In general, the rule of thumb is that manufacturers coupons never stack with OTHER manufacturers coupons. But if the offer is through the store itself, like Target Circle offers are, then yes you can stack them. However, be aware that there are always some exclusions.

You'll also find digital manufacturer's coupons in Circle. These offers cannot be stacked with other digital or paper manufacturer's coupons. You can never use 2 manufacturer's coupons on the same item.

What About Those Glitches…

If a store is going to lose money on the deal or it seems to be a glitch– and it's just too good to be true– chances are the deal could be cancelled or just not work once you try to check out. With that said, sometimes things are on sale–way up to around 90% off and you can snag some amazing deals on the Target app. These awesome deals do come along!

Keep in mind the official Target app is a reliable way to shop, and you won't see fake deals on there. I've seen some items for 90% off and over!

One last word:

Store coupon policies almost always give the manager a say in whether to allow a coupon or not. Check your local Target coupon policy if you aren't sure about stacking deals. Keep a positive attitude and please be kind to employees. 🙂

We hope this post has some good basic tips on Target Circle and helps navigate it if you rarely shop at Target! Happy Shopping!

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