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Walmart FREE Grocery Delivery with Code!

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If you haven't yet tried Walmart Grocery Delivery, this post is for you! Here's what you need to know!

walmart grocery delivery

Walmart Grocery Delivery: What You Need to Know! 

Ordering groceries online at Walmart has just gotten better! Right now, you can score THREE free grocery deliveries with the code DELIVERY at checkout. 

Note- Code is valid for one use per order, and appears to be good until 12/31/2020. Sometimes we see coupon codes good for a certain number of uses- so they actually expire before the date specified. So if it's not working for you, please let us know!

Walmart Delivery has several advantages.  First, it's great for anyone who isn't easily able to get out and shop. Check it out here.

This might include elderly customers, new moms, or anyone with difficulties with transportation. It can be a huge blessing to someone to have their groceries delivered! Even if you don't need it yourself, you can pass the word on to neighbors or friends who can use this service.

It's also convenient! I loved Walmart Grocery Delivery back around Christmas, when the kids were off school and life was just hectic in general. It was great to be able to check off the grocery shopping with no time spent at the store.  Some planning is involved, so see that below.

Get started by clicking here.

Walmart Grocery Delivery: The How-To!

If you are planning to have groceries delivered from Walmart for the first time, read these tips first!

All directions can be found right on the Walmart website, but if you're nervous about the ordering process, here are some helpful hints!

  • Not all stores have this available. First, log in to and put your location in to your Walmart Grocery Account page.
    You'll need to click on the the arrow next to your store pickup area. It will then tell you whether delivery is available.   It's available at my Walmart 🙂 
    If your location does not have it, there should be a list of alternate locations pop up automatically. 
  • Next, see the reserved time slots open. You need to reserve and put in your order as early in the day as possible, as these fill up fast! 
  • Check out. This does require a form of payment at the time of order. Meaning, you can't opt to pay when they are delivered.
  • Finalize your time slot. Once or twice, on the weekend, my original time slot was actually snagged by someone else prior to me checking out! So just note, that your time slot is locked in when you check out, rather than when you start your order. (This was my experience and honestly this may not apply everywhere. Just my tip!)
  • Be home to receive your groceries! They can text your mobile device when the delivery person is on the way, if you opt in. Otherwise, just make sure an adult is home to sign for the groceries. 
  • Tipping is optional. One thing I appreciate about Walmart is that the tip can be done electronically, within the Walmart Grocery Website after your delivery is completed. No pressure to tip the driver right there and then. Walmart does send you a reminder.

Note: Someone at least 18 years of age must be home to accept delivery.

See More Here: 

walmart grocery pickup

If your store doesn't have the free delivery or you prefer to pick-up, Walmart also offers FREE grocery pickup! 

I almost always receive a goodie bag as their way of thanks! My kids love these, and often they are seasonal themed. Super fun!

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Like to shop online? Walmart.com offers lots of deals on their website, many of which will ship to your local store for FREE!

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  1. I had wanted to try Walmart delivery, but I don’t want to sign for the groceries, due to mobility issues.. There should be a choice. I have an enclosed front porch, where a competing store leaves my groceries.

    With this virus going around, I think it would be safer for the customer and driver..

    1. Hi Melanie, you might contact Walmart customer service and ask them if you can just have your groceries dropped off without having to sign for them. I’m sure with everything going on Walmart would be glad to help 🙂

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