Blinki Bike from Kazam Review

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This post was sponsored by Kazam; I have received the product for review, however all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.


My 3 year old is getting a Blinki Bike made by Kazam for Christmas this year. It came in the mail in a nondescript box, which is a must this time of the year. SO its late at night and everyone is asleep and its time to put this thing together, giant sigh. As I open the box all I can see is a ton of bubble wrap, ok out come the scissors! After I have removed all the fun bubble wrap my kids are going to love playing with in the morning I am astonished to see not the 50 million pieces I am expecting that I am already too tired to put together but 2, thats right just 2 pieces.


This awesome bike took me 2 minuets to put together, the time started after I removed all the protective bubble wrap of course. The lights were already working due to ALREADY installed batteries, all I had to do was test out the button and watch the bike light up. I had to attach the handlebars with the enclosed allen wrench.


This thing is amazingly made, I bet it will last the beating my toddler will put it through and then some. I like to say “they don’t make things like they used to” but that does not apply to the Blinki Bike, this thing is better built than my bike! I can’t wait to see the look on his face when he sees this sitting next to the tree. I highly recommend this as THE gift to give this year.The Blinki bike doesn’t have pedals it is designed to teach the kids how to balance themselves so no need for training wheels ever. My son will be riding a two wheeler before his sisters ever even started on their training bikes.

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