Couponing Mistakes to Avoid

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Coupon Traps

Couponing is becoming an increasingly popular buzzword among shoppers. If you are planning to make some savings by using coupons, here are some couponing mistakes you need to look out for.

1. Spending too much

While using coupons can help you save lots of money, it can also result in increased spending. You might find yourself buying many things that you won’t even use. Therefore, if you don’t need something, there is no point in buying it – even if the offer is out-of-this-world. Buying such items will not only increase your costs, but will also clutter your home or office.

In addition, just because you have a coupon does mean that you have to use it right away. You might be able to get a better price a few days or weeks down the line. It would therefore be advisable to hold on to your coupons until the most opportune time.

2. Overdoing it

People who are starting out in couponing can easily find themselves easily hooked. However, you don’t have to spend hours every day visiting all kinds of stores and grabbing every offer available. You need to carry out your activities in moderation. For instance, it would be advisable to select at most 3 stores which you will be visiting on a regular basis. In most cases, one shopping trip per week would be sufficient.

3. Being disorganized

Many people who buy items in bulk using coupons are likely to find themselves with expired goods before long. Therefore, you need to be organized in order to minimize wastage of food and money. Items which are almost expiring should be placed in the front, and newer goods at the back. Whenever you go shopping, don’t get excited and overstock. Only buy enough to last you for a specific period. There will always be other new offers down the line.

4. Buying too much food

There are tons of coupons out there for all kinds of food. As a result, many people are tempted to purchase lots of foodstuffs any time they go out shopping. However, if you buy more than you need, you might end up throwing away food that has gone bad. Wasted food means wasted money in the long run. Just because the coupons are there doesn’t mean that you have to buy food in bulk. Limit your trips to the grocery store to once a week and only purchase what you will use that within one or two weeks. Writing a shopping list before visiting the store will reduce the temptation of buying what you don’t really need.

5. Not considering others

When your store has an item on sale, it is very tempting to go out there and clear the shelves. However, you need to remember that other people also need the same items. Therefore, spare a thought for other shoppers and take only what you need.

6. Having unrealistic expectations

Many people get into couponing with unrealistic expectations. If you expect to save 90% of your grocery bill, chances are high that you will get disappointed. Whereas such great savings are possible, it might take a while to achieve them. Therefore, it is vital to have saving goals which are reasonable.


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