Deal of the Day: Deli-Pro Slicing Knife less than $10!

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This looks like a great deal! Get the Deli-Pro Slicing Knife for less than $10! It has really good reviews too!

The Deli Pro is the incredible knife with a cutting guide that adjusts to any thickness. Never make messy slices again with the Deli Pro Knife As Seen On TV. Thick or thin, the Deli Pro slices evenly and neatly every time. Deli Pro is great for slicing meat, vegetables and fruits. Even works on hard-to-slice cheeses and breads. It is so simple and ingenious you will make perfect slices in seconds with almost no effort. Cooking knives, serving knives, and kitchen knives in general are difficult to master. Without years of experience and the blessing of a steady hand and eye, it's nearly impossible to consistently cut even, good pieces of meat, fruit, or any other type of food. But the Deli Pro Knife solves your slicing problems because unlike ordinary kitchen knives, this carving knife is one of a kind. It has a steel guide that rests up against the edge of the food. You can quickly adjust the thickness of the slice of cut with the knob at the side. When you cut downward, the steel guide keeps your desired thickness consistent as your slice downward back and forth. None of the other meat carving knives have a guide that keeps the cuts straight every time. This delipro deli knife works great with meats, fruits, or vegetables. You can even slice certain types of hard breads. With the deli pro knife you can do away with other kitchen knife sets. This single kitchen knife that never needs sharpening takes the place of a bread knife, deli knife and carving knives. Now you can create perfect party platters and appetizing sandwiches in seconds without risking cutting your fingers or going through the embarrassment of sloppily prepared cuts of food. The Deli Pro Knife saves you time and energy, creating kitchen-deli miracles is possible.

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