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We are now excited to offer our coupon database for free for your blog. We are still working on a few things so please bear with us. We hope to soon offer away for you to add your own affiliate links but for now you can just embed the code below on your blog and anytime you add coupons to the database on your blog it will update everyones  CQ database on their blog.

I will not be adding my own affiliate coupon links into the database to make it fair for anyone who wants to use it until we can come up with a solution for that. links expire quickly so most of the time they don't last but a couple of days before you have to delete them anyway.

I would love your thoughts and ideas. I just want something we can all use that will help us all save more money. Together we can help each other save 1 coupon at a time. When we work together we can provide more savings for our readers!

Embed this Code:

<iframe src="" width="940" height="1500" frameborder="0"></iframe>

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  1. I’m kind of new to blogging, but I have been looking for a free database for my blog on blogger. What do the instructions mean when they say to embed the code into the html? I tried to post it, but it just showed the code, not the database. BTW…from what yours looks like, it is exactly what I’m looking for!

    1. Hi Jessica.. I think the best way to put this on your blog is to create a page. To do this go to make a new post and click edit pages then make one. You can then post this code into the body of the page. I would then have a link on your blog somewhere that links to that page.
      If you need more help let me know. I dont know if I really make my instructions clear since I know what I mean. lol 🙂

  2. I added it to my blog by adding a new page, but when I pull it up all my links that are on my main blog page show through it. I am just learning this…not sure what to do.

  3. hello,…………is this still available? I have a little blog and dont know the 1st thing about a coupon database! i would love 2 use this!

  4. wondering where would you find the software to create your own database of coupons? I would like to create a database of coupons I have that I can post on my blog so I can trade with other Moms for coupons I need? I’d like this database to be accessible to myself and a coupon of other administrators to add there coupons if they would like… can you help me out with finding the software? Thanks

  5. i’d like to put this on my website that i am making for my family to use… it is not working when i put it into the html box, is there anything wrong/missing from the embed code? thanks

  6. Thanks so much for the opportunity to use your coupon database…..I have to admit the whole world of blogging scares me, but I am entering it, one toe at a time and I needed a coupon database. Yours was the most user friendly and easy to upload.

    I have much to do yet on my blog prior to my coupon workshop in a couple of weeks, but being able to link to your base and your site, takes a tremendous load off….


  7. Is this still available for free? And have you made it to insert affiliate links yet?

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