Glidden 2 in 1 Paint Plus Primer Review

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I was recently (a little over a month ago) given the opportunity to paint a room in my house with Glidden 2 in 1 Paint and Primer. I was excited to be able to completely change the look of my bathroom. I do have to admit I was intimidated by the thought of painting my bathroom by myself, so I brought in helpers. My 13 year old son and my 3 year old son helped me paint. My 12 year old son decided he would sit and laugh at us.

Wal-mart was nice enough to send a paintbrush, a drop cloth, 3 rollers, a roller handle, and several paint trays as well as frog tape. We had everything we needed once we got the box and purchased the paint.

We started out great
We are not "professional painters" though!
As you can see even with Frog Tape we still got paint in places it was not supposed to be. Remember we are not professionals.

I will say that the Glidden 2 in 1 Paint Plus Primer cleaned up very well. It was easy to get off the floor, tile, mirrors, tub, toilet, etc. It was also easy to wash out of hair, get off skin and fingernails. It has also held up well to my children touching the walls all the time and me cleaning the walls. The paint has not rubbed off the walls or faded with scrubbing at all. I have to say of all the paints I have had used near me this Glidden 2 in 1 Paint Plus Primer had the least smell. I could not smell it while I was painting; however, after I closed the bathroom door for a couple of hours ( was not interested in seeing how well the paint came off of cat fur) and opened the door again I noticed a very slight aroma of paint. I was very satisfied with the color selection, the ease of use and the quality. I highly recommend the Glidden 2 in 1 Paint Plus Primer!

Disclosure: I was given the chance to test out the Glidden 2 in 1 Paint Plus Primer as a Princess Perk from received the opportunity since Melissa Garcia aka The ConsumerQueen is a Walmart Mom. All thoughts, opinions and statements are my own thoughts.

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