Help! My Catalina Didn’t Print!

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homeland_catalinaWe've had some readers tell us they didn't receive their catalina cpns even though they bought the qualifying purchases. They also asked if there was anything they could do.  Here's what you can do if your catalina coupon doesn't print. This is for any store that gives catalinas (Walgreens, Homeland etc.)

  • Make sure you bought the right product and right amount of the product that the catalina is good for.
  • Call 1-877-210-1917 (follow the prompts) or email them at

When you contact Catalina you'll need to give them:

  • Your name & mailing address
  • Store Name, Address & Store Number ( should be on your receipt)
  • Date and time of your purchase
  • Frequent Shopper Card #
  • Total amount of purchase
  • Which Catalina promo you were expecting.  For example:  “I bought 3 Kelloggs Cereals and was expecting to get a coupon for free milk”

If you email them you might send them a scanned copy of your receipt along with your info….it just helps to re-enforce with them that you did indeed buy the product, but it's not necessary.

Catalina will tell you it will be 6-8 weeks before you will receive your coupon but it could actually take as little as one.  Keep your receipt in a safe place until you receive your coupon in case you need to resend your information.


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