Change Your Password – Amazon, Walmart and More HACKED by Anonymous

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Anonymous Hack

If you haven't heard yet The hacker group known as Anonymous released a file on Friday containing about 13,000 passwords, so they say. They posted all of the stolen account information to Internet file sharing site Ghostbin which has now been taken down I believe. Thye hacked to a number of dating and porn sites as well as these popular sites that you may be using.

HACKED by Anonymous:

  • Amazon
  • Walmart
  • PlayStation Network – Apparently I am also hearing that this was hacked by Lizard Squad
  • Xbox Live – Apparently I am also hearing that this was hacked by Lizard Squad
  • Hulu Plus
  • Dell
  • Shutterstock

If you are using any of those websites you are encouraged to change your passwords IMMEDIATELY. Some have reported already that their Amazon accounts were hacked and completely shut down. You also should keep an eye on your bank accounts for any unusual activity as well and change your passwords frequently.

They also posted a copy of the movie The Interview boasting that “When you're a pirate, everything is free.” They made it available for free pirated downloads.

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  1. It was not anonymous who did it it was lizard something saying they were from anonymous & I believe it said it was 2 years ago & only 13,000 accounts affected from the article I read last night, but its always good to randomly change your passwords

    1. The screen catch clearly show that this was a new tweet from Dec 26th 2014. XBOX LIVE and Playstation have been down for the last 3 days Lizard squad wasn’t even formed 2 years ago. ( my son is a gamer)

      However Lizard Squad is the one who hacked Sony and Xbox as I stated above 🙂

  2. It was lizard something losers who are trying to make anonymous look bad. The lizard losers work for North Korea, they found out yesterday…… this is getting ridiculous. I just changed it too….

  3. Yeah play station has been done for a few days now bc of it & my poor kids got new games this Christmas

  4. My son has been on Xbox live the last few days with no problem but we changed our pw anyway.

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