How does Consumer Queen Stay Free?

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While chatting on Facebook today with some of our fans many of them had no idea that they were helping us by directly printing coupons from our site! Yes it cost quite a bit to keep our site running with:

  • Monthly Hosting Fee's
  • Monthly URL Fee's
  • Monthly Newsletter Fee's (when you get our posts by emails)
  • Upkeep and Support
  • Design Work
  • Misc Fee's
I can tell you we spend over $200 a month on just 2 of the items listed above to keep this site going. So how do we do it? Well here is a list of ways we try and keep our site free.
  • When you print coupons from our site through, redplum or coupon network. We get 2 cents per print and we put that money right back into the blog. Just Click the Printable Coupons Link in the top menu of our site.
  • We get money through advertisers who place ads on our site.
  • When people shop through our affiliate links, when we post deals or when you shop through our coupon code page.
Do you have a Hidden Talent? Do you want to help us help our readers? If you have knowledge in Web Design, Phone Apps,Wordpress developer,Video Software,databases, programming and more and would love to help! Please email me at

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