Ok I have had it with Customer Service

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Good Customer Service is really hard to find these days. It seems like every where you go now people(especially the younger crowd) don't seem to take the extra measures to make sure you have a pleasant experience. No one cares what your food tastes or looks like or even how long you had to wait for it. Matter of fact, it almost seems like an inconvenience to THEM if you mention something is wrong. Now it takes me along time to get mad enough to complain, I'm not someone who complains about every little thing but I do feel if you paid good money for it, it should be correct. I more often call customer service to brag about an employee if they are doing a great job. I know they probably don't get to hear a praise very often.Let me give you two scenarios I experienced in just the last 4 days.

Sunday– Sunday I went to McDonald's and all 5 of us ordered breakfast before church. We have had several problems with this McDonald's before so I made sure I checked my food before we left, so I thought. We get half way to church and Ryan speaks up MOM they wrapped a sausage biscuit in my chicken biscuit wrapper , Taylor chimes in mine too. Uggh so we turn around to take it back. (Clearly the wrappers were marked Chicken Biscuit) I told the manager what happened and you know what she told me ? “I'm sorry ma'am they just don't speak English” WHAT? Is that an excuse? I understand they are not working the register, I understand they are not at the drive thru, so they don't need to speak much English but they SHOULD know the product for the company they work for. What if someone had an allergen issue? That could be dangerous. I will say though that McDonald's Customer Service came through on Twitter and it was great to have a company sit and listen to me and act as if they care (unlike my next scenario). They offered me a free meal and I turned it down I just wanted someone to listen and fix the problem. They said they are sending the meal anyway.

Today– Today @okcmomto3 and I printed our coupon for the free limeade promotion and went to Taco Bell. It was crazy busy. I told the cashier I had a coupon and tried to hand it to him ,like literally almost in his face and he was ignoring me and looking at the screen so I said OK I am going to sit this coupon right here next to your register. Go figure he forgets to take the limeade off. The manager says I cannot take it off or give you a refund because I lost my manager card, you will just have to come back another day. I'm like fine no problem it's OK. So I told the cashier “My friend also has a coupon so make sure you do her right.” She trys to hand him the coupon, again he ignores her but then says OK I will take it off  and then charges her anyway for it. I felt bad because she had a budget to stick to and didn't have the money to pay for the extra drink she was getting, but somehow since they didn't close the transaction they were able to start over.

A large crowd of people were getting upset because they had been waiting for 20 mins on their orders,not just 1 but several and this lady says can I just get a refund?, I can't wait any longer. The manager says I am sorry I lost my card and I cannot. The lady says can't you just give me a refund next time the drawer opens? The manager says OK and several people ran up and got refunds because they were 20 mins behind on all orders. The manager yells out anyone else want a refund? I said oh yes please may I have a refund on mine? She gives me a look and a huffy sigh and says I guess but I need your receipt and you need to bring it to me now because I am behind on orders and don't have time for this. Excuse Me? You messed up MY order and overcharged me and now it's my fault and I am an inconvenience to you? All I wanted was a refund for the drink they overcharged me for. (it gets better)

Time goes by and Bill the cashier starts huffing and saying geeze people give me a minute acting all mad and we were trying to figure out if he was talking to the customers or the employees? (You don't argue with each other in front of customers) Trays of food were left at the counter and the manager just started throwing all this food that was freshly made into the trash saying oh well I have been throwing more food away today then serving it. (Are you kidding me?) Give it to all the people that were upset in the  lobby instead of throwing it away. Even better yet I would have gone out and given it to the homeless guy outside. What a waste. So I called customer service when I got back and they acted like I was just another complainer asking for my phone# and complaint. She then said OK TY I will make sure this gets addressed nothing else? It was wham, bam TY ma'am. Like how fast can I get this girl off the phone. Oh and she wouldn't even take my friends complaint, told her she needed to call back later LOL (OK whatever)

Anyway as you can see I didn't make my venting video and delete it today. I should have but I have had enough, shame on me.

*Customer Service Tips:

If you plan on calling and complaining please remember these tips:

  • Keep all packaging if calling on a product-The company will need important information off the pkg.
  • Keep your receipt if calling about a retail or food experience.
  • If you leave a voicemail speak slowly an clearly
  • Remember you get more flies with honey. Try to speak in professional manner if you expect professional service.
  • Remember if your a reapeat offender and calling and taking advantage of a company without a real issue they keep tabs on you and your hurting the rest of us because companies will start tightening their ropes. (They already have)
  • Remember to call customer service about your positive experiences as well. They need a pat on the back too.

Companies who have given me great Customer Service and has it down lately.

  • Homeland
  • Cox Communications
  • Target- I called to tell them how much I enjoyed their cashier
  • Rubbermaid

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  1. We got into a similar situation at the Arby’s in Elk City a few days ago. People had been waiting 20 minutesfor their orders to be filled, and employees were arguing with each other in front of the customers. Finally, everyone started calling the number on our receipt, doing the “customer satisfaction survey” right in plain view of the staff. I’m pretty sure everyone dinged them pretty bad on the survey. Anyway, we eventually got some food (not necessarily the right food, but food none the less) and vowed that even if we were starving, we would never patronize that business again.

  2. I would call and see if your Taco Bell is locally owned. Most are, and the local owner would probably love to hear your complaint! I would most certainly follow up on the Taco Bell complaint!

  3. I called McDonald's to tell them that they left the burger meat off my sandwich (I asked them to leave off the mustard). They laughed at me and said “some people order just the bun”. They said they would send my coupons in the mail, they lied. I worked with someone that took advantage of restaurant/company customer service I was pround of her ability to get a free meal. It is because of thousands liker her that they doubt the real complaints like this. Frustrating, who eats two McDonald's cheeseburger combo meals with ONLY the bun, hard to believe they saw that as normal.

  4. Yup. That was not a good customer experience at all. But I will still be eating at taco bell! I love them to much. The Cherry Lime aid by the way was sooo good.

  5. I have had great experiences with Homeland. I know Kohls does an awesome job on returns, no hassle with no explanation! I understand where you are coming from, especially working retail, I expect great attitudes when dealing with any problem.

  6. Taco Bell has this thing on the back of the receits that say to call and answer the question on the survery and you will be entered into a sweepstakes to win some money well I did it with the 1-800 number and then on their website and not once did it ask for my name, phone number, or any info. But it said that you were entered. I think that they lie to you just so that you can answer their questions. So don't waste your time on it, it's just a lie.

  7. It's really unfortunate that we are paying more than ever for products and gettingt less and less good (if any) customer service. At 64, I came from a generation where the customer was always right and people were happy to have your business and eager to please you so that you would come back. I see this type of rudeness every day and I just don't believe there is an answer. No matter how nice I am in return, when dealing with people like this it just doesn't matter. People are rude and really don't care when they are making minimum wage and just want to do there hours and leave. I suppose BOTH sides have a reason for griping, but it is a shame that people have lost the art of being nice to one another. Life was so much nicer when they were…….

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