Keurig K75 Platinum Featuring Lipton K-Cups

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Reviewed and Written by: Princess Allie

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I had the opportunity to try out the Keurig K75 Platinum. The Keurig came packaged in a very informative box making me more intrigued with the contents. The Keurig does require use of a specific style of drink container, K-cup. The Keurig brand does have the option to purchase separately a re-usable K-cup that can be filled with your coffee or drink mix of choice and re-used.


I was pleased to see that each machine comes with a variety of 12 K-cups to try out such as coffee, dunkin' donuts, lipton Refresh Iced sweet Tea, Hot Chocolate, and a few others.

The initial machine set-up was extremely easy! I soaked the water filter for 5 minutes as instructed and placed it in the water reservoir! That completed my set up!

I filled the machine with water and turned the Keurig on, Selected my cup size, popped in my k-cup coffee pack, and hit Brew!


In seconds I had an amazing cup of Coffee!

The most wonderful part of the entire experience: There is NO Dirty Coffee pot to wash! You simply open the door and throw out the k-cup! If you are using a re-usable k-cup, put it in the dishwasher, or simply give it a quick rinse and you are ready for your next cup! The water reservoir holds enough water to have several cups of coffee so you will not have to refill it until it alerts you on the easy to read digital screen!

I was given three boxes of Lipton Teas:

Indulge ~ Black Tea

Refresh~ Sweet Tea

Soothe ~ Green Tea

I tried each one of these teas and was extremely pleased! 

The Lipton Soothe, Green Tea, was extremely soothing and had hints of tangy citrus and rejuvenating mint!

The Indulge, Black Tea, was infused with hints of natural vanilla and a touch of caramel!

The Refresh, Sweet Tea, was exactly that, Refreshing Southern style sweet tea!


The Keurig offers you the ability to have a cup of fresh tea, coffee, or cocoa within seconds. This can be enjoyed hot, or you can add ice for a refreshing ice cold beverage!

I encourage the addition of a Keurig in your home! The machine has really changed our Kitchen! We no longer have to keep Tea in a pitcher! With tea made fresh in seconds for each glass you will always taste the quality and freshness of Lipton in each cup!  

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Disclaimer: I was provided the Keurig K75 Platinum and Lipton K-Cups at no charge to review; however, the thoughts and opinions are all my own. ~Princess Allie


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  1. Well after doing a couple cartwheels since I have been trying to win a Keurig for a year now, the first thing I would do if I won the Keurig would be make a fresh hot cup of Café Caramel Specialty!

  2. Probably stand and stare at it at first LOL I never won anything so marvelous!
    Then I’d make something nice to drink for my hubby and me and relax and enjoy!

  3. After I did a little happy dance, I would wrap it up for my MIL. I really want to get her one for Christmas. We love ours and I know she enjoys a cup of coffee when she comes over to our house.

  4. I would love to win one of these. On a fixed income, purchasing one is out of my budget, but with the K cups being disposable I could use my favorite coffee and have a nice cup of coffee whenever I want.

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