Lesson 9 – Coupon Etiquette

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I'm sure Emily Post didn't include coupon etiquette  in her book of manners but if it were to be rewritten today I'm sure it would be in there, or something close to it.   Remember your mother saying “where are your manners!” after a forgotten please or thank you?  I think all of us at one time or other should have had our mamas with us during a couponing trip.  Sometimes we get so wrapped up in getting the deal that we forget to show simple kindness and respect to the store employees, the shoppers around us and even to each other!  Here's a few key points I like to make:

  • If it wasn't for the stores accepting coupons we wouldn't save much! Remember, they don't have to accept coupons  and if stops being beneficial to them they'll stop the practice all together.  We're on THEIR turf, we should always abide by their rules.
  • The old saying  “you catch more flies with honey than vinegar” is sooooo true. Being hostile over an issue will get you nowhere.  Always stay calm and politely state your case. You're more likely to get the manager/cashier to listen to you this way. If they still say no, say thank you for listening and move on.  There will be other deals.
  • Treat your cashier with respect.  Always be polite and say thank you! Cashiers can either make your couponing experience smooth and easy or reek havoc if they don't like you. If they're couponers too, share some of your coupons with them (if your store allows this) so they can get in on the deals……you'll make a friend for life!
  • If for some reason the cashier has a problem with a coupon, or for anything else and it's holding up the line, apologize to the person behind you for taking so long.  Usually they will be understanding. If not, just smile and be polite.
  • Don't be a pain in the hiney by taking all the tearpad or peelie coupons so that other customers can't get in on the deal.  Don't do 10 transactions in a row holding up the checkout line.  Stores get tired of this and it affects their coupon policies which is not good for us in the long run.  They may stop putting out tearpads or peelies altogether or only allowing 1 transaction per trip. A few stores here have started keeping the coupons at the register instead of displaying them or putting them on the product because of this problem. I suspect more will follow suit.
  • Trying to “get one over” on the cashier is dishonest as well as just plain not nice.  Please use your coupons as they were intended.  The cashiers have to account for their coupons at the end of the day so don't try to slip something by that they'll get in trouble for later.
  • If you see another couponer in the store give a friendly greeting and share a few coupons.  It's not a competition…..we're all just trying to save money in today's declining economy.

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  1. Thank you for this reminder. The part that stuck out to me was simply manners. It’s as important today as ever.

  2. Thank you so much for this! I am a cashier and I really appreciate it when people are understanding about our coupon policy.

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