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Make your own Halloween Wreath for Just a Couple Bucks!

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Fall is my favorite time of year! I love wearing sweaters, jeans and boots. I love making my kid's Halloween costumes. And I love decorating the house!

This year I wanted to make a wreath for Halloween. I have a hard time spending big money on seasonal decorations, so I headed to the dollar store for some inspiration! They had some great decorations. My daughter loved the skeleton door knocker. If you see something that you like, you better grab it. It seems like at the dollar store they get in a shipment of stuff and  that's it! Especially with seasonal items.

I also grabbed a pool noodle. I thought it would make a nice wreath. Once I got home I decided I would cut it in half, then I can make 2 wreaths! I cut it in half length-wise and then duct taped it together. Worked great…and only 50 cents!

I already had some fabric scraps from other crafts. I used linen, it's so cheap! I think it cost me about $3 a yard and I probably used 1/4 yard. Rip it into long strips.  To make it look old and dingy I rubbed it along an ink pad. *remember this trick, it works great on paper too!

Next, start wrapping it around the noodle. I use my trusty hot glue gun to glue the fabric. I wrapped it up, down, twisted, left it hanging off…whatever you think looks good!

You can leave it like that or embellish it! I added the skeleton door knocker. You could add pumpkins, bats, spiders….etc! There are so many possibilities! And the best part…it only costs a couple bucks to make!

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Halloween Wreath

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