My Review of the New Marvel Super Hero Mashers!

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Super hero mashers 1

If you could have a super power what would it be? Would you like to fly? Have super power strength? Maybe you would like to be able to become invisible? It's so hard to decide…so why choose just one?! Marvel has come out with a new toy that lets you interchange super hero parts to form the Ultimate Super Hero!!

As part of The Mom it Forward Blogging Network I was able to test out 2 of these new figures….or should I say my children got to test them out! I was given the items for review but all opinions are mine ( or my kids!)Marvel Super Hero Mashers

As soon as the box arrived in the mail my girls couldn't wait to open it! It didn't take them long to figure out how to take the arms and legs off to switch them up. Even the heads come off to swap out.

Super Hero Mashers, collage


The possibilities are endless with this new line of toys. The arms can click onto the legs. Can you picture the super hero your children will make? The hand man, with all hands and no feet! It wasn't long before my kids asked me if I could buy them more so they could have even more options!super hero mashers the trapper

After hours of playing and creating many different super hero combinations…I'm happy to introduce to you “The Trapper!” He's able to trap the bad guys with his web and he can also make bricks with that wand. Let's not forget he can fly to the rescue and crawl up walls if needed!

I really loved watching my kids play. These new Marvel Super Hero Mashers really bring out the creativity! And my favorite part….no batteries!

The Marvel Super Hero Mashers have just hit the store, make sure you check them out the next time you are shopping. You can also visit the Super Hero Masher Page to learn more about Hasbro’s all-new toy line, and enjoy the online Make Your Own Marvel Super Hero Mash-Up experience for yourself!



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