National Coupon Month- Day 6: Are You Really Saving Money?

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Today is day 6 of National Coupon Month! Today's Lesson: Are You Really Saving Money & Other Cpn Traps to Avoid! Here's some things to think about when cpn shopping.  Time is money and you really need to justify what you're buying is really saving you money.

Shopping with children: When shopping with children, always make sure you have a written list of the things you want to buy.  Let your kids know you will be buying only what is on the list.  If you find yourself buying a lot of extras (snacks, drinks, toys) to keep your sanity while shopping, you really aren't saving money in the long  run.  It defeats the purpose of you cpn shopping in the first place.  Pack a snack bag for the kiddos and have a small toy (that you bought on sale with a cpn of course) that they only get to play with on shopping trips.

Gas Prices: Don't drive across town just because your friend calls you and says ” hey my Walmart has razors on clearance and they only have 3 left”.  The gas you use driving all across town is going to counteract the cpn savings and if it's a really good deal they'll probably be gone by the time you get there.  Don't worry, another deal will come along! You have to use your common sense.  Don't use a half a tank of gas just to get a free bottle of shampoo!

Obsession: Couponing can turn into an obsession.  It can be quite the high to start seeing how much money you can save.  Some people find themselves buying  junk  they will never use because it's free or really cheap only to think when they get home, “I just paid $.10 for this plastic flower pot with a wooden flower sticking out of it and was normally $3.99.  Great deal but now, what do I do with it?”   You'll start running out of room and your family will complain about the disappearing space in your house full of junk!

Hoarding: This is something that raises it's  little ugly head with me on occasion and I have to fight the urge to get greedy.  Just because you have 20 cpns for soap doesn't mean you need to clear the grocery shelves. Where are you gonna put all that stuff that your family will never go through in a year!  It will expire or just get old, unusable and be wasted.  Be nice and take only what your family will use or take a few extra to donate.  Leave plenty for other couponers.  Couponing shouldn't be an “every man (or woman) for themselves” kind of deal.


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