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  1. The link to check the rebate status online isn’t working. I still haven’t received mine – anyone have a different link or a number I can call?

    1. Hey Michelle…..I tried the “check on your rebate status” link to just in case and got an error page too. While I was there I just happened to scroll down the original page and saw this number 1-866-511-6529 under the eligible products for the rebate. It says to call within 60 days of purchase. You could probably get some info on your rebate there. Also, my last rebate from Olay took a little over 9 weeks to arrive so it still may be coming. Good luck and let me know if that number worked for you.

  2. Thanks for your quick response! Your speed was kinda wasted on me; look how long it took me to remember to even come back here and check! Anyway, the online link is working as of today. It says I submitted an incorrect UPC. I had to write the numbers on the form, and I no longer have the originals, so I’m guessing I’m outta luck for that $20… Boooo! But I’ve e-mailed them, so I’ll see what happens.

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