Our Favorite Chocolate Cupcakes

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I recently had to bake 12 dozen cupcakes. We know that the cupcake is amazing, but are they all cupcakes are created equal? It turns out that these 3 brands run a pretty tight race! Since the cupcakes were a snack for a public function the mixes we're donated, so the varieties represented here are completely random. I am a fan of the simplicity of cake mixes and love that you can add an extra egg or two, replace the oil with melted butter in double the amount, use milk instead of water, make cookies, dump cakes, slow cooker cobblers.  There's just so many possibilities! These were all made following the measurements and ingredients on the box.

A few differences I found to keep in mind. I found that the Pillsbury Moist Supreme rose evenly and consistently. They have a very rounded top and rose the highest of the three. Duncan Hines Classic had the most workable batter. It was a little thicker, and made dividing the batter evenly very easy. The tops were consistently full and tended to grow fatter instead of rising taller. Betty Crocker Super Moist uses more water than the other 2 and has a thinner batter that I considered to be a bit messy. I was a little leary of filling the muffin cups that full, but all was well. The tops were evenly rounded though not overly tall. The extra water makes the tops sticky to the touch. After cooling for 2 hours at room temperature they were still tacky. As far as decorating goes, Betty Crocker was very consistent with a nice gentle curve that was a breeze to decorate. Then again, Duncan Hines consistently had more surface area, and who doesn't like more icing! And I have to say, I found Pillsbury to be the prettiest looking with it's high centers and bouncy top!


Some of us like our cake light and airy while others of us like it dense and moist. It's all personal preference so keeping that in mind I asked 25 people from the ages of 12-69 try all 3 cupcakes. The winner for taste was Betty Crocker Supermoist! Duncan Hines Classic ran a close 2nd. and Pillsbury Moist Supreme was right behind it. It's hard to call one a winner because the votes were so close and it really is personal preference! This is why they all continue to be our favorites!


Let us know your favorite in the comments. Do you have any secrets to making them taste made from scratch? Or made in a bakery?

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