Play Wrigley’s “Non-Stop Summer Fun” game & win free candy!

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I'm all for free candy!  Try your luck at winning a coupon for FREE candy when you play Wrigley's “Non-Stop Summer Fun” game.  There are a total of 164,160 prizes (130,000 of them coupons for free candy).  Just enter codes from specially marked packs of Skittles, Starburst, or Life Saver Gummies for your chance to win.  You can also get free codes sent to your email after you sign up so you don't have to buy anything to enter.

  • Click on Enter Code (right side, middle of page)
  • Enter your code or click on “How do I get a code” to get a free one emailed
  • Fill in required info and play the game!

Here's two FREE codes to get you started: JKJ736WWR4 and P75D533ED2.

Thanks Savings Impulse!

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  1. @JAMESON, i found this winning codes 5DKCXC6735
    3DWFMTT9D2 , try both of them they are not unique so we can use it over ond over 😛

  2. I sent in over 1200 ups from gummies lifesavers in January 2011 thinking i would get something free a bag of candy or something i have not heard anything back from the company yet i love this candy so much i am still buying them. since januay of 2011 I have brought 290 bays of the lifesavers (gummies candy) and i have ate 270 bags you would think the company would sent something letting me know that they recieved the box or upc’s and empty bags. thanks for making a good candy. GINGER

  3. this is not comapny i thought it was i sent in over 1200 upc’s and bags i have not heard from the company

  4. I just wanna say if the contest is over why do u still have it on the candy wrappers are we eating old candy?!?!

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