Please Call me Out!

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Sometimes we as bloggers get so wrapped up in the quantity of deals we post that the quality of what we do post is lacking.  We get in such a hurry because we're busy and we want to get as many deals out as we can that we don't take the time to see if the deal is still good or if those coupons will actually print. We sometimes don't take the time to see if a deal we're passing on from a fellow blogger is accurate (right size item for coupon, or sale etc.) or double check to make sure our math is correct.  We all make mistakes.  I myself have made some errors in my posts this week and it's made me determined to put quality over quantity because what good is a deal if it's wrong or doesn't work!

Melissa started this blogg to help everyone save money and posting  incomplete or inaccurate deals won't help anyone no matter how many are posted.  I've decided to make this my motto:  It's not how many deals I post, it's how many people I help!

A personal thank you to those who caught my mistakes!  If you catch another one please don't hesitate to call me out….I'm sure there will be another (everyone makes mistakes and I'm old lol!) but I'm bound and determined they'll be a rare occurrence.

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  1. You are so sweet! We all do make mistakes, and I like your new motto! Mine has always been the same – if I can inspire one person at the time to live life to the fullest, I’m happy!

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