Marketside Products from @Walmart =Fresh Meal solutions for my Family.

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As you all know I work a full time job on top of keeping up with my blog.  I really hate eating out all the time, it's expensive and fattening.  One thing I have struggled with for a long time is what to bring for my lunch?  I am not a big frozen dinner eater except for 1 or 2 brands so I often feel like lunchtime for me  is boring if I don't eat out.  I do try to bring leftovers but there are some days when my son eats like an army and there is not enough left to bring.  I think he is hitting a growth spurt.

I was recently given the chance to try the new Marketside products at Walmart.  You can find them at the front of the store near the fresh produce/deli area.  I loved the fact that the soups same in containers for one for only $1.98 (price may vary at your Walmart) so it  would be perfect formy lunch at work. They also came in larger sizes as well so I would pick that one up whenever I wanted to share with my co-worker Rachel. I would have to say my favorite was the Loaded Baked Potato Soup and the Chicken Tortilla. I would say Queen Mum loved the Broccoli Cheese the best because she gobbled it all up before I had a chance to taste it LOL.  If you asked my husband, he would tell you I am very picky about my soup and I don't eat a lot of canned soup so this was a great option for me.  I paired up both soups with the Marketside Ceaser salad. The dressing tasted wonderful and the croutons were awesome. I'm a BIG crouton fan and I cannot stand the ones that taste like cardboard.  These croutons were nice and crisp and I believe they had a hint of garlic.  You could add the Marketside bagged veggies as well but we actually steamed Marketside veggies for dinner last night.  I could also change it up and have some of the Marketside Artisan Bread,which tasted as if I had baked it myself.  They have sour dough, multi-grain,roasted garlic and many more to choose from.

Marketside is great for family meals as well. You can pick up one of their fresh 16′ pizzas, our favorite is pepperoni.  They also have supreme,meat lovers,five cheese and more. All made with 100% real natural cheese. Did you know the pizza boxes are made from 100% recycled material?  You can't beat $7.98 for fresh pizza. Throw in one of their salads and you got  quick meal your family will love.  It's perfect for those family game or movie  nights. Speaking of Italian, they have some great fresh pasta and pasta sauces too.  This is the first time we have had fresh pasta at home and I can't believe how good it is. We are having it again for dinner tonight – it only takes 3 mins to boil.

If you're having a party you may want to checkout the Marketside Dips – another great way to serve those Marketside raw veggies! The Buttermilk Ranch is a tasty one to try for this. I absolutely love Guacamole and I have never seen store bought Guacamole have big chunks of real Guacamole in it.  Thats fantastic! Now remember, dip isn't just for veggies. Marketside also has fruit dip with cream cheese and vanilla bean, hmmm. We will definitely be adding Marketside products to our regular menu plans from now on. Thanks Walmart.

I am a participant in the Walmart Moms program.  Marketside provided me with meals last week in exchange for my honest feedback.  Participation in this program is voluntary. All opinions are my own. check out the other Walmart Moms had to say about Marketside. (prices may vary from store to store)

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  1. They sound so good. I have the same problem regarding lunch at work. I will have to give them a try. Thanks for the information.

  2. We LOVE the pizzas.

    My husband and oldest son as especially picky when it comes to premade foods. My middle son eats whatever doeas not eat him first. However we all love these market fresh foods.

    I love the steamable veggies. I like to serve veggies but I am short on time so these steamable veggies allow us to have delicious vegetables and I am not spending time cutting and peeling nor are awe having the added sodium of canned!

    PS the other day I actually served my husband the guacamole and never told him it was premade (he normally refuses to eat premade guacamole since I have spoiled him) but he liked it!

  3. I LOVE Marketside products. I have gotten everything from salad to the soups. Definitely not a disappointment, they are some of my favorite selections!

  4. I am a single guy who love salads, although I buy the smallest bag of salad mix, I find it hard to keep fresh after a couple of servings…. what is the best way to keep it fresh before i have to dispose the remainder of the bag ?

  5. I have contacted Marketside to try and find out how to find the awesome orange flavored salad dressing that came in one of the salad kits with non luck at all. They don’t carry it and said it must be made by one of the vendors that make the salads. This was the most delicious dressing I ever ate. Its sweet and creamy with an orange flavor and I really need to find it. Please help!

  6. Sorry to say I bought a roat beef kit and it said cook in crockpot for 10 -11 hrs. When I tell you that meat was tough as if I had half cooked it it was. I cooked it at 10 pm and took it off at 8:30 am. I am upset I spent over $16.00 for kit and needed the meal for me and my grandchildren. I later on tried to cook it more for an additional few hrs. No good by then I had overcooked veggies.

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