Tips for Planning a Trip After the Coronavirus Pandemic

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For many of us, the Coronavirus put our travel plans on hold. However, with the vaccines beginning to roll out, there’s now light at the end of the tunnel. Many are beginning to once again make serious travel plans for a trip after the Coronavirus pandemic. Take a look at some ideas below including Antigua and more.

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If you’ve started planning, there are a few things to keep in mind. Even with the looming vaccines, it’s best to limit group sizes for trips in 2021. Also, plan on avoiding buffets, wearing a mask when required, and bring an endless supply of hand sanitizer.

Now is the time to begin planning and researching your next destination. After all, there are some outstanding deals available, such as all-inclusive vacation packages to Antigua, and the travel industry is just as excited to get back into the swing of things as you are. That said, we’ve put together a few tips for planning a trip after the Coronavirus pandemic. Let’s go!

When to Plan a Trip After the Coronavirus Pandemic

Before we get ahead of ourselves, it’s crucial to remember to wait until it’s safe. While right now may be an excellent time to begin planning, travel is still restricted and should stay that way until things calm.

In the United States, three things need to happen before travel is considered safe.

  1. The State Department must lift its Travel Advisories.
  2. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention should give the “all clear.”
  3. The World Health Organization needs to approve travel.

Right now, it’s unclear what countries will be open to international travel and when it will be safe to fly. For this reason, if you’re planning a vacation, it’s best to keep it simple this year. That said, you might be surprised what’s possible once you start planning.

5 Tips for Planning a Trip After the Coronavirus Pandemic.


Planning a trip after Coronavirus is all about safety. Wherever you go and whatever you do, it’s crucial to keep your health and the health of those around you a top priority.

Plan On Staying Closer to Home -For their first trip after the Coronavirus, many are choosing to stay closer to home. Booking a domestic vacation is generally safer, and it’s easier to control different factors that reduce risk.

For instance, when booking a hotel, consider getting one with an attached kitchen so that you can prepare your own meals. 

Vacations where you have a “home away from home” are going to be much safer than one where you’re going to be eating out a lot. For the most part, buffets are still best avoided to reduce your risk of exposure.

Window-Shop for Travel Online

Right now, a significant part of the pandemic is the stress and worry that comes with it from economic uncertainty and social isolation. Some are using trip-planning as a coping mechanism, as planning a trip can be a positive experience. However, be flexible and don’t make plans you can’t cancel. 


You can use some of the extra time you have at home to window-shop online for travel destinations. You might even discover a really good deal and a travel opportunity you never knew about before, like all-inclusive vacation packages to Antigua. Antigua is amazing.

Consider What You Want Out of Your Next Trip – Think about your past travel experiences. What was most meaningful to you? What experiences were memorable, and which ones were a disappointment? Now is the time to reflect on your travels and put some intention into your future plans.

Enjoy the Planning Process – Planning your trip is an extension of the trip itself. As such, getting to dive deep into the planning process is getting to enjoy parts of the trip even before you experience them. Read about the culture and history of your destination. Follow a few locals on Instagram, like artists, chefs, and journalists. 

You can discover some specific places you’d like to visit and some things you need to see for yourself. This added research helps build buzz for your future trip and gives you something to think about, read, and learn even before you get out there and see them yourself.

Organize Your Research – Since you have the time to plan, use it to organize your research. You can begin putting together a list of restaurants and locations you’d like to visit. You can save points of interest on Google Maps and download the map, so you can still access it without wifi.

Wrap Up

Before the pandemic, you might not have had time to dive so deeply into the drinking, eating, and sightseeing opportunities travel has to offer. In fact, one thing this pandemic has done is to make a lot of us grateful to have the opportunity to travel in the first place. 

With these tips, you can plan your next great adventure from the comfort (and safety) of your own home.

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