Tips For Workplace Wellness!

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Tips for Workplace Wellness

This time of year can be especially scary when you're crammed in an office full of sniffling, coughing people.  We all want to avoid getting sick if at all possible.  Although it's not 100% guaranteed, there are some things you can do to increase your chances of staying healthy.  Here are some tips for workplace wellness!

  1. Drink LOTS of water!  Invest in a BPA-free water bottle and keep it on your desk at all times and fill it multiple times a day.  Just drinking a lot of water can have a positive affect on your health.  Amazon has a great selection HERE.
  2. Pack a healthy lunch.  Avoid take-out and processed microwave meals.  A lot of these do nothing for your health or immune system.  And when you pack your own healthy lunch, you can control what's in it.  You may even find that you'll lose a few pounds just by changing your eating habits at the office.  It's a lot harder for your body to fight off illness when it has been provided with no vitamins or minerals.
  3. Wash your hands often!  This is SO important.  We make contact with a lot of people daily, whether directly or indirectly, so it's imperative that hands are kept clean.  Getting up to wash your hands a hundred times a day isn't ideal either so keep some hand sanitizer at your desk to use as often as needed.
  4. Go on walks.  On your breaks, get up and move!  If possible, go outside and get some fresh air and sunshine.  Just a 10 minute walk will re-energize you and help you regain focus.
  5. Try to avoid those who show symptoms of being sick.  I know this may be impossible at times but avoid it as much as you can!  The less exposure you have, the less chance you have of getting sick!
  6. Take multi-vitamins and extra vitamin C.  These help boost your immune system so that you can fight off illness better.
  7. Keep frequently touched areas clean!  Telephones, doorknobs and computer keyboards should be kept clean by having disinfectant wipes handy.  And try not to use other co-workers equipment.  You can control how clean yours is but you can't control theirs.
  8. Get a plant!  Having a live plant in your office space will help improve air quality and remove impurities. Another plus is that you'll have something pretty to look at!  A few good choices for a small office space would be an African Violet, a Chinese Evergreen and English Ivy.

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