You ask him. He answered. Emeril Lagasse answered your questions!

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You asked him. He answered! He's the answers to your questions to Emeril Lagasse! He even answered mine. I always wondered if professional Chefs ate fast food….now I know!

Q- Does he ever use a slow cooker for his own meals?
A-Absolutely! I love making chili in my slow cooker, especially when I have friends coming over to watch football. I also love making red beans in my slow cooker.
Q-When does he recommend using Sesame oil?
A-I love to add a bit of sesame oil to stir fried dishes and also to certain spicy seafood dishes. Of course Korean beef dishes have just gotta have sesame oil.
Q-What is the best way to cook pork loin?
A-Either high heat and a quick, cook-time, cooked just to the point of medium, or else low and slow until it’s tender and falling apart.
Q-Does he ever eat fast food?
A-Well, not really. Unless Vietnamese pho is considered fast food. There is a Vietnamese restaurant in New Orleans that I always get take out from when I’m there, and it’s pretty fast – not sure if that counts .

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